Hand-Crafted Artisan Tea Blends: A new creation every week!

Cran-blackberry Rooibos

Real freeze-dried cranberries and blackberries in a blend with caffeine-free African rooibos. I may be partial to honeybush, but I’m pretty confident that rooibos was MADE for a blend like this. I’m sitting here with a big icy tumbler full of this and it is delicious. It’s renewing my faith in rooibos. Our Tea ofContinue Reading

A Box of Chocolates (…teas that is)

Now shipping! They say life is like a box of chocolate teas; you never know what you’re going to get. Here’s an assortment of eight different hand-crafted chocolate teas, each in a keepsake tin with a clear window, all bundled together in an elegant gift box. There are a few of our bestselling chocolate teasContinue Reading

Red Hot Cinnamon Chai

If this doesn’t warm you up on a cold day, you better check your pulse. Our Tea of the Week for the week of January 9, 2012 Just $8.99 for 2oz. with FREE shipping to the US! VISIT OUR NEW SHOP! Check out all of the amazing blends we have in stock HERE And don’tContinue Reading

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie

First, a quick note: to our subscribers and customers who have placed orders in the last couple of weeks, I apologize. We ran out of pouches, and my pouch supplier decided to take an extended holiday vacation. I finally got more pouches tonight (after failing to tell my vendor we had moved and having themContinue Reading