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Shamrock Tea

It might be hard to compete with green beer, but we’re sure going to try. Here’s a special blend just for St. Patty’s Day. Green tea with fresh cut peppermint AND spearmint and a hint of vanilla. May or may not be inspired by a certain milkshake offered at this time of year. Enjoy!

2oz. (20-25 cups) DELIVERED* for just $8.99


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12 Responses to Shamrock Tea

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  2. nerditea says:

    I just got this tea today (very fitting considering tomorrow’s holiday!) and I LOVED IT! It’s so refreshing, but the mint isn’t as overpowering as it has been in some straight-up mint teas I’ve had before — the vanilla and sencha keep it in line, I think.
    I think this one should become a yearly tradition!

  3. mattkump says:

    This was/is amazing, glad I bought 2. FANTASTIC iced, where the vanilla really shines. A+ 5Stars etc.

  4. stheno says:

    This is the best mint tea EVER, hands down. Reblend again please!

  5. nerditea says:

    Wow, sold out three times, twice in one 24 hour period? I think it’s time to give it a little bit of a rest!

    But come March 2010, it better be back again… 😉

  6. BigBlackDog says:

    I received my Shamrock tea yesterday and immediately opened it up. The smell is wonderful and the taste is even better. Great packaging too!

  7. ChefKathy says:

    I had my first cup of Shamrock tea today .. I’m really loving the combination of the mints and the vanilla. Normally I’m not a big mint person, but the vanilla and the green tea really mellow out that strong flavor and create something quite refreshing! Can’t wait to try it iced!

  8. caostbloom says:

    I need more Shamrock tea!

  9. sheri4dogs says:

    Just got my Shamrock Tea, possibly the best cup of mint tea i’ve ever tasted!Very tasty!

  10. sheri4dogs says:

    The Shamrock tea is SO good, when are you going to reblend? I am hoping soon!

  11. stheno says:

    I was very pleased that I placed a special order for 8 pouches! Due to friends falling in love with this tea, I am down to my last two pouches now! But thanks…this is a real winner!

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