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Stone Fruit White Tea

Stone Fruit White Tea

Our Tea of the Week for the Week of
April 15, 2013

Stone fruits are so named because they have a large pit in their centers. They include peaches, plums, apricots, nectarines and cherries–in other words, a cornucopia of yumminess, all of which is represented in this blend.

Thanks to my very supportive wife for the idea for this blend. She’s something of a stone fruit herself–soft on the outside but with a solid core of stubbornness on the inside. I guess I’m kind of bristly on the outside and all mushy inside, so I suppose we’re a match. In the words of the immortal Blues Brothers, I’m “Crazy ’bout her / That hard headed woman of mine.”

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3 Responses to Stone Fruit White Tea

  1. C J says:

    OK Frank, Like you I also drank honeysuckle tea and sassafras root bark tea.
    So lets get with it, Make some of both kind with out playing around changing the flavor. Born and raised In Amish country, Lebanon Pa
    Moved to Delaware but they don’t have the tea’s of childhood down here. I depend on you so get with it Frank.

    • Frank says:

      I’m afraid the FDA has outlawed sassafras root bark due to safrole (known carcinogen). I haven’t found a reliable wholesale source for honeysuckle yet. =(

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