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Chocolate Bacon

Get it here first!

It’s about time we added some teas to our ManTeas line of manly teas, so here’s a new offering available exclusively on 52teas (at least until I find time to add it to the ManTeas.com site).

We’ve blended our premium Indian black teas with organic cacao nibs, imitation bacon bits and natural (and believe it or not, Kosher and vegan!) flavors. For those of you who have feared the imminent heart attack associated with trying one of these carnival/fair delicacies, fear no more. Enjoy your chocolate covered bacon treat in tea form!

Our Tea of the Week for the week of September 6, 2010

2oz (20-25 cups) for just $8.99!
Get yours while they last!

Check out all of the amazing blends we have in stock HERE


New Contest!

So, we really want you to subscribe to our email newsletter, and we want you to read the posts we send you. I may not be John Grisham, but I think I write some pretty stirring prose about our teas.

So, our free pouch giveaway contest is going to change. From now on, one or more of our posts each month may contain an invitation like the one below. You must actually have the post in your email inbox to reply to in order to win, so if you haven’t already done so, please take a moment to fill in your name and email address under the “Join Our Mailing List” section on our website. You can opt-out any time you like.

Email Contest!

New Rules: We will collect responses through 11:59:59PM Central Time on Friday. From all of the correct responses we receive, I will select a winner at random using a random number generator and a count of all of the correct replies. The winner will be announced with the posting of next week’s Tea of the Week.

This week’s trivia challenge:

According to http://www.whoinventedit.net/who-invented-bacon.html the phrase, “bring home the bacon” originated how?

Maple Bacon Black Tea

Do not attempt to adjust your browser. This is not a misprint. Yes, we have REALLY created a maple bacon tea. At 52teas, we are never shy about pushing the envelope with our unique blends. We’ve brought you plenty of one-of-a-kind creations that our competition would never even dream of. Needless to say, this isContinue Reading


Our official “Dads & Grads” blend for 2009, RadioactiviTEA is a blend of CTC Assam estate teas. The Assam region in India is known for producing hearty, malty teas. The CTC nature of this tea makes it even more so. CTC stands for “Cut, Tear, Curl”. This is an automated method of harvesting and processingContinue Reading

Mayan Chocolate Chai

Tea Tip of the Week Tea should be stored in airtight containers (such as our convenient resealable stand up pouches), out of direct sunlight and away from excessive heat. If you follow these guidelines, your tea should keep for 12-18 months. Looking through the list of suggestions in our forum this week, I ran acrossContinue Reading

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