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Cinnamon Roll

Yeah, we went there. And I’m going to warn you guys now, I DO not have all of the ingredients I need to reblend this one right now–though I imagine I will be ordering them soon–so don’t drag your feet or you’re going to miss out on something incredible.

We took our caffeine-free African honeybush and blended it with organic cinnamon chips and natural flavors (including the essences of butter, brown sugar and cream cheese frosting to name a few). This is the real deal: You’ll swear someone just baked a batch of ooey-gooey cinnamon rolls.

Our Tea of the Week for the Week of July 18th

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Pancake Breakfast

I’m tempted to start this post with, “You’re not going to believe what we did this week!” But we’ve created enough unique, one-of-a-kind blends, that I imagine our unique-ness is getting rather ho-hum. But seriously? Who else would bring you a PANCAKE BREAKFAST tea? With the essence of hot, buttery, maple-syruped pancakes infused through ourContinue Reading

Chinese Sencha

So, we’ve had several people who have been asking about the base tea we use to blend our flavored green teas with. I went through several different green teas before choosing what I thought was the best tea for blending our flavored green teas with. And this tea IS super yummy all by itself. Here’sContinue Reading

Strawberry Zabaglione

What a week! And what a crazy month May was. I’m pooped just thinking about it. We were at the Kansas Sampler Festival in Leavenworth , KS the first weekend of May; at the Wichita River Fest the third weekend of May; and in between and immediately following those events, I lost my long timeContinue Reading