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NEW Tea of the Week/Month Plans!

NEW Tea of the Week/Month Plans!

Imagine paying about $1-a-day to get all of the tea you need DELIVERED right to your door. More than that, imagine the fun you’ll have trying a NEW hand-crafted artisan tea blend every week!

NEW! Save us some postage, and we’ll save you some money! Now offering tea of the MONTH plans in addition to our tea of the week plans! International customers, take note: you save too!

Here’s the nitty-gritty details:

  • Tea of the week subscribers will receive one 1-2 ounce pouch of tea every week for the duration of their subscription.
  • Tea of the month subscribers will receive four or five 1-2 ounce pouches of tea every month for the duration of their subscription. (For months with five Mondays, subscribers will receive five pouches, otherwise, it will be four.)
  • Most pouches will contain 2-ounces of tea, but we reserve the right to occasionally create a special blend (like a matcha, white tea or oolong) in 1-ounce pouches; further, some particularly voluminous teas may be offered in 1.75-ounce pouches.
  • All prices INCLUDE shipping to the US
  • Canadian and Overseas customers will be charged additional shipping as follows:
6 Weeks 12 Weeks 26 Weeks 52 Weeks
Canada $11.99 $23.99 $51.99 $103.99
Overseas $23.99 $47.99 $103.99 $207.99
3 Months 6 Months 12 Months
Canada $11.99 $23.99 $47.99
Overseas $23.99 $47.99 $95.99
Don’t forget that special tea-lover in your life! These plans make great gifts and our easy checkout allows you to include a gift note and specify when you would like for the recipient to start receiving their teas.
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