Hand-Crafted Artisan Tea Blends: A new creation every week!
THREE new teas!

THREE new teas!


Our Tea of the Week 2/4/13

This feels like cheating just a little. Yes, we did offer a Chocolate Malt Honeybush, but not as a Tea of the Week; it was one of our My Sweet Honeybush blends, and it wasn’t even offered on 52teas until a few months ago when I killed our My Sweet Honeybush brand and had a few left over. I’ve reinvented the blend with organic flavors and new ROASTED organic cacao nibs. (I spent several minutes just huffing the bag of roasted cacao nibs the other day when we received them. This blend is CHOCOLATE. No, it’s


I fully expect this week’s blend to disappear quickly (who doesn’t like chocolate?) So get yours here:


Just for fun!

I got some catnip a little while back to make a Kit-TEA to go with our Doggy Tea. I was thinking I could find some chicken flavor or something to add to it, but here’s an easier way to do it: Make your cat a cup of Kit-TEA tea with our catnip and a bit of chicken bouillon. Trust me, he will thank you. Or, you know, you could just tie some in a sock and let your cat go crazy. Of course, catnip is a mint, and you can make a cup of tea for yourself with it too. It’s a tisane, so you can steep it as long as you want. Send us your pictures of your feline friends enjoying our tea and we’ll try to get them added to the website. Pick some up today. Your kitty will thank you.

An important note from a customer


I am a long time fan + drinker of your lovely teas but I have to note that I was a wee bit concerned that you have suggested people use bouillon with the Kit-tea for their cats.

This would not be advisable as 5 gram bouillon cube contains 1200mg of sodium or 50% of the DV for a human and much more then would be healthy for a cat. If you are going to suggest an addition like this I would implore you to alter you description to using low-sodium chicken broth as it would be less likely to harm your kitty customers.




A bit more seriously…

It’s one of the things that kind of sticks in my craw–hearing people say that flavored teas are just a way to dress up inferior quality teas and make them more palatable. We ONLY use quality teas here at 52teas. And occasionally, we do something that makes some of the tea purists a little crazy: we flavor an untouchable tea. Occasionally, like with this blend, we take a VERY high quality tea that most places wouldn’t DREAM of tampering with, and we tweak it, just a bit. This week we are offering another in our series of VIT (Very Important Teas) blends, a Gong Fu Ti Kwan Yin. After sampling it unaltered, I decided the already complex sweet/toasty/floral/slightly vegetal flavor of this amazing Ti Kwan Yin would most benefit from just a little tartness to contrast with the other flavors. So I added some organic cranberry flavor and real freeze-dried cranberries (just a few; I don’t want to be accused of short-changing the amazing tea on this one). The result: well, I guess ultimately it’s for you to judge, but I found it amazing. Get yours here:

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