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About Us

52Teas was founded in 2008 by Frank Horbelt to serve as a project of Zoomdweebies - Frank's tea bar in Kansas.  Here's the story that Frank told about the birth of Zoomdweebies Tea Bar and his passion for creating teas:

"Frank really liked tea.  A lot.  He grew up in the Southeastern US, drinking honeysuckle tea and sassafras root bark tea, and of course, sweet sun tea in the hot summers.

When the grocery stores started selling flavored teas, Frank was very excited about this.  He loved the peach and raspberry flavored teas that were offered, but often wondered why the tea companies stopped with just a handful of flavors.  If they could do peach and raspberry, why not watermelon or grape or coconut cream pie?  So Frank started experimenting and researching, and soon he was blending and flavoring his own teas.  As his knowledge of tea increased, he became obsessed with opening his own tea shop, and many years later Zoomdweebie’s Tea was finally born."

Since that time, Frank has developed other tea brands, including Southern Boy Teas.  

In December 2014, Frank approached me (Anne, aka LiberTEAS) and asked me if I'd like to take over the 52Teas brand.  He felt his passion was in Iced Tea and my passion for Hot Tea was evident.  He wanted someone with my kind of passion for hot tea to take over the brand.  

I was excited by this prospect, but also a little skeptical.  I wasn't sure how I'd be able to come up with the capital I'd need to take over a company and moreover, I was worried that I wouldn't be able to keep it going.  You see, I'm a creative type person but not so much all about the business end of things.  I'd rather create teas than crunch numbers.  

So, I talked to my daughter, Amethyst, and asked her what she thought about it.  My daughter is very smart.  She knows me.  She knows what I'm capable of and she also knows my weak points and where I'd falter.  So, I was hoping she'd give me the guidance I needed to make the right decision for me and my family.

What I didn't expect is that she'd ask me, "Can I do this with you?"  So we became business partners:  a mother/daughter team.  

But the problem still existed:  How are we going to raise the capital we need to get things off and running?  So we launched a Kickstarter Campaign to help us get the money we needed!  Our first campaign was a little lofty - but our second campaign was a tremendous success!  So with the capital we raised from our Kickstarter campaign, we bought the inventory and equipment we needed and we went into business together.


Amethyst is the head of the business.  She stays on top of the business end of things.  She makes sure orders go out on time and that the inventory is well-stocked and that I'm keeping to task.  She crunches the numbers and makes sure that the paperwork is done.  She does all those things that I am not so keen at doing and she does them efficiently and effectively.  


Me, I'm the mad tea artist.  I sit back and think of all these wild and crazy flavors.  Oh, and I drink tea.  A lot of it.

And together, Amethyst and Anne maintain the commitment that Frank made when he first developed the 52Teas brand:

"52teas is committed to bringing you a new small batch custom blended hand-crafted tea EVERY WEEK."