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Mad Tea Musings

September is a Retro Monday Month! Tea of the Week for September 30/Featured Reblend for September is . . .

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 Kumquat Cheesecake Honeybush!

Tea Description: I originally blended this to be a tea of the week in June 2017. I loved it back then & you know what? I love it even more now. I tweaked the original recipe just a tad because i managed to find dried Kumquats to add to the blend & this small addition perks up the citrus flavor just a bit more than I remember. 

This tea is sweet-tart from the citrus fruit, creamy & tangy from the cheesecake notes & has a slightly nutty background that gives the blend a hint of crust. Really tasty! 

Back in June 2017, I described this tea this way:

I'll admit it - I wasn't 100% convinced with this flavor idea when I was trying to think of a flavor for this week. I knew I wanted a caffeine-free blend - but I wasn't sure what direction to go in. I already had planned a lot of fruity, flavor packed teas - so if it was going to be a fruity flavor, I wanted it to be different than the other flavors that I had going on this month. I thought - almost joking with myself - hey, how about kumquat? Eventually, the kumquat idea began to take hold. I wanted something 'desserty' to go with it - something sweet as kumquat tends to be somewhat tart - but not too sweet. Something that would play to the tangy qualities of the kumquat notes.

So, I decided to go with cheesecake. I blended it and when it came time to taste test it - as I was steeping it - I started thinking of all kinds of ways to 'develop' the blend. "Maybe I'll add some spice. Cinnamon or cloves, perhaps? Maybe some ginger?" As I said, I wasn't 100% convinced with the idea of a Kumquat Cheesecake flavor.

Finally, after an 8 minute steep and another 10 minute cool time, I finally took a sip. And a smile came over me. My taste buds were delighted! This is really tasty! It turned out infinitely better than I imagined it to be - without spicing it up - so I decided that it should be left as is.

So here it is: a blend of organic, caffeine-free honeybush from South Africa and natural flavors (plus a few calendula petals to give it a pretty appearance). Having never actually tasted a Kumquat Cheesecake, I can't tell you definitively that it tastes exactly like one. But I can tell you that I can taste tangy cream cheese and the sweet and slightly sour flavor of kumquat. And I can tell you that if I were to imagine what a Kumquat Cheesecake would taste like, it would taste a lot like what I'm sipping right now.


Back then, this tisane was crafted with just a few simple, organic ingredients: I started with South African Honeybush & added a bit of essence to create a kumquat cheesecake taste & tossed in a few calendula petals for a bit of color. This time, as i mentioned above, I tweaked it slightly by adding organic dried & minced kumquats. 

This stunning herbal tea is VEGAN, organic, gluten-free, allergen-free & caffeine-free!

organic ingredients: honeybush, kumquats, calendula petals & natural flavors

Oh. My. Gosh! This is so good! It's been a little while since i last had some of this tea - but it tastes even better than I remember it! The cheesecake notes come through nicely (I know that this is often a complaint amongst tea drinkers: teas claiming a "cheesecake" flavor often lack in the cheesecake department. I am not finding this blend to be lacking at all in that department!

The kumquat also presents itself with a strong, sweet-tart citrus-y note that is bright & flavorful. 

There really is not much else to say except that this is really so very good! I'm so happy with it.

to brew: shake the pouch a bit to make sure you get a good representation of both leaf & fruit in your measurement. use about 4 or 4 1/2 grams of tea to 12 ounces of very hot water (195°F) & allow to steep for at least 8 minutes. You can let it steep longer - it won't become bitter!

after steeping, strain & allow to cool for about 5 minutes or so. enjoy! 

A pinch of sugar will enhance the sweeter confectionary notes of a cheesecake. You don't have to hit it with sugar, but I find that I get more cheesecake flavor when I do.

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