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Mad Tea Musings

Featured Reblend for August 2019: Rice Pudding with Cinnamon Apples Genmaicha!

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 Rice Pudding with Cinnamon Apples Genmaicha!

Tea Description: This month's featured reblend is a tea that was first blended as a tea of the week for January 2018 and it appeared on the poll for last year's holiday box and did very well - and it was requested by several customers to be included in this year's poll as well. Instead of putting it on the poll this year, I decided to reblend it this month because it's almost apple season!

Here is my original description of this tea:

I love rice pudding - and what better tea base to utilize for a rice pudding blend than a Genmaicha? And since Mat's birthday is right around the corner, I decided to add his favorite fruit flavor to this sweet, creamy blend: apple!

I didn't go heavy on the apple - I didn't want the apple to overpower the creamy notes of smooth pudding that I've got going on here. To enhance the apple, I added some real cinnamon bark.

So here it is: our organic Matcha infused Genmaicha blend with lots of creamy, custard-y notes, vanilla bean, apple bits & chunks of real cinnamon bark. This is so yummy!

For this blend, I altered the recipe just slightly: I added just a touch more apple because I wanted a little more apple flavor & a tad less cinnamon because I wanted more emphasis on the apple & rice pudding and not so much on the spice. It's still deliciously creamy, it has that toasted rice taste from the Genmaicha & it has a nice cinnamon-y note with a sweet apple flavor.

So good - even better than I remember it! And it's still organic, VEGAN, gluten-free & allergen free!

organic ingredients: green teas, toasted rice, apples, cinnamon, vanilla bean & natural flavors

I probably said this same thing about this same tea back when I first wrote about it - but this is YUMMY!

The rice pudding flavor is right up front, it's smooth, creamy and has a strong vanilla note. The apples are stronger than I remember from before - but they don't overwhelm here, the creamy, vanilla pudding flavor still remains the prominent flavor. There's a lovely, warm cinnamon note that gives the cup a perfect fall flavor - this is a delightful dessert-y cup for the upcoming fall season!

to brew: give the pouch a gentle shake to incorporate all the ingredients (the leaves, vanilla beans & cinnamon pieces tend to settle to the bottom while the chunks of apple sort of "float" at the top). use a little less than 3g of leaf to 12 ounces of hot water (175°F) & steep for 2 minutes. strain & allow to cool for about 5 minutes.

I prefer this one served hot!

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