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Mad Tea Musings

Bonus Tea for October 2019: Washington Apple Green Tea!

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Washington Apple Green Tea!

Tea Description: I'm calling this a 'bonus' tea and not a 'reblend' because, while both 52Teas (during Frank's era) and LiberTEAS have released apple green teas before, none were called "Washington Apple Green Tea" - and none were made with this particular recipe. So this is a brand new tea serving as our "Featured Reblend" this month, but since it's not a featured reblend at all, our fifth tea this month will be a "Bonus Tea" that is similar to, but not precisely a previously blended tea.

So, now that we've got that business squared away, let's talk about this tea! 

As you know, this month has been all about the Pacific Northwest & I think that the fruit we are best known for up here is the apple! There are many different varieties of apple out there - but when it comes down to it, I really only purchase a couple of varieties of apple on a regular basis. I do try some of the other different varieties, but there are really three varieties that I purchase consistently. Those being Honeycrisp (my favorite apple), Fuji (Lilith's favorite) & Granny Smith (Amethyst's favorite). 

So for this blend, I went with my girls' favorite apples: Fuji & Granny Smith. Interestingly enough, when combined, these two end up tasting a lot like a Honeycrisp to me.

I started with a base of organic Chinese green teas: Chunmee & Gunpowder, then I added a bunch of freeze-dried apple pieces - both Fuji & Granny Smith. That's it. No cinnamon or other cider-y spices. This tea is a simple celebration of a delicious, crisp apple - completely unadorned. Like biting into a fresh apple after picking it off the tree. (Maybe wash it first though.) 

This tea is juicy-sweet & apple-y with just a hint of Granny Smith tart. This is very much true-to-the-fruit, it doesn't taste like apple candy. It tastes like apple - or perhaps - freshly extracted apple juice that was then added to a green tea blend. Absolutely delicious & VERY Pacific Northwest, this blend is also organic, VEGAN, gluten-free & allergen-free!

organic ingredients: green teas, apples & natural flavors

I'm not a huge apple fan, but when I see those first Honeycrisp apples at my local produce market, I'm a little bit giddy. I love them - especially if I've got some chocolate hazelnut spread to go with - because YUM! But, maple almond spread works just as nicely, if I've got that. Let's be real, it's good all by itself, but I do love it with one of the aforementioned spreads - or in a pinch, I'll go with a smear of peanut butter. 

But this tea really has nothing to do with any of that except for the honeycrisp apple - because I was surprised that when I first taste tested this tea, how much it actually tastes like a honeycrisp apple, especially when that wasn't exactly what I was going for, I was going for a blend of Fuji & Granny Smith. The first few sips especially remind me of a honeycrisp apple. As I continue to sip, I find myself noticing the nuances of the apple notes - picking up on some tartness from the Granny Smith and some of the sweetness of the Fuji. But those first few sips is full-on Honeycrisp. So I guess you could say that this tea is the perfect fusion of the three apples that are most often consumed in this household! Kinda neat.

This tea is wonderful served hot, but I also enjoy it iced. It's really nice with a little drizzle of honey.

to brew: use 2 1/2 grams of leaf to 12 ounces of hot water (heated to 175°F) & steep for 2 minutes. strain & allow to cool for 5 minutes. enjoy!

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