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Mad Tea Musings

Tea of the Week for July 29, 2019: The Queen of Hearts Tea!

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 The Queen of Hearts Tea! (Black Tea)

A complex combination of black teas (including a Rose Congou) blended with Raspberries & vanilla bean

Tea Description: When I first came up with the idea to do a Mad Tea Party theme, this tea was the first one that started to formulate in my mind. I knew that the Queen of Hearts had to have a rose tea. (Painting the Roses Red!) So this tea starts with a Rose Congou. To that, I added some Assam, Ceylon & Yunnan teas and just a touch of Vietnamese black tea to round out the flavors. This rather large assemblage of black teas creates an uncommonly rich yet smooth flavor - and the Queen of Hearts would certainly not drink anything "common" now, would she? 

I wanted something more than just rose, though, so I added some red raspberries and some vanilla bean to the blend. The result is a cup that's sweet-tart from the raspberries, a little creamy from the vanilla with just the right kiss of rose. The black tea offers a bold flavor - like the Queen herself. 

I really love this tea. It tastes amazing hot - would make a perfect breakfast or afternoon tea. It's also rather splendid as an iced tea. However you decide to serve it, it's fantastic. It's also organic, gluten free, allergen free & VEGAN!

organic ingredients: black teas, raspberries, rose buds/petals, vanilla bean & natural flavors

Yes! I just love it when a tea works out to be just the way you planned it to be. This tastes just the way I anticipated - just the way I hoped it would taste - and the flavors work together just as beautifully as I wanted them to. 

As I mentioned in the above description - this is the first blend that started to take shape in my head when I decided on the theme "Mad Tea Party." I wanted to do a rose tea for the Queen of Hearts - but not just any rose tea. I needed something more than just a Rose Congou. I think I managed to successfully build upon the idea of a rose tea to create a blend that's fit for a queen!

The first taste I notice when I take a sip is that of black tea - the five different black tea types in this blend build this really robust, hearty flavor that is the base of this blend. Shortly thereafter, the rose notes drift over the palate, along with a distinct raspberry note. The vanilla is less pronounced - it's just this lightly sweet kiss of vanilla that softens the overall cup just right. It's sweet, it's a little tart, it's a little bit floral and it has a bold, distinctively hearty and malty flavor of a strong black tea. 

Be sure to try this one iced at least once! You'll be glad you did!

to brew: shake the tea up a bit to make sure that the ingredients are well-combined. use 3g of tea to 12 ounces of nearly boiling water (205°F) and steep for 3 minutes. strain and allow to cool for about 10 minutes before you start sipping. 

I've tested this unsweetened and sweetened. They're two totally different teas, in my opinion. Unsweetened, and you have more of what you might consider a traditional breakfast tea, but with a kiss of rose to it. The other flavors are there but they are on the subtle side. With a little bit of sugar, these flavors will pop. Both cups were absolutely delightful - but I think I like this one best with the hit of sugar because the raspberry and vanilla is what really set this tea apart from other teas.

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