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Mad Tea Musings

Tea of the Week for July 23, 2018: Grapefruit Green Tea!

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Grapefruit Green Tea!

Tea Description: Some years ago, I took a trip to Tucson, Arizona. One of the places I visited while there was Tohono Chul which was a fantastic place that combined the beauty of the Arizona desert and the local art, focusing heavily on the natural botanicals of the Arizona Desert. It was a lovely way to spend the afternoon, walking through the gardens and viewing the art. The only thing that could make it better - well, TEA of course! And back when I visited, they had a beautiful tea room. (A quick visit of their website suggests to me that they no longer focus on tea in their restaurant.) 

So you know that I had to have tea there! It wasn't a traditional tea room with an afternoon tea service option, but I did enjoy a pot of grapefruit green tea and at that time, it was the best grapefruit green tea I had ever tasted. So there is a soft spot in my heart for grapefruit greens - as well as a quest to create a grapefruit green tea that was just as good as - if not better than - that grapefruit green tea that I enjoyed that beautiful afternoon. 

And - YES - I do believe I've managed to accomplish it! This tea isn't equal to that one I tried all those years ago, I believe it to be better!

I started with a blend of organic Chinese green teas: Yun Wu, Chun Mee & Gunpowder. To this blend, I added a bunch of dried, organic grapefruit wedges. It's a fairly simple recipe, but it works wonderfully. The result is a tart, grapefruit forward flavor with a smooth green tea background. The green tea is slightly sweet, slightly bitter (thanks to the Yun Wu) which helps to define the flavor of the grapefruit. It's very refreshing!

organic ingredients: green teas, grapefruit & natural flavors

I love grapefruit green tea - in fact, I love grapefruit! My adoration for grapefruit seems a little 'weird' to me, because I'm usually not really fond of tartness. But grapefruit is an exception.

So for several years following my trip to Tucson, I found myself searching for a grapefruit green tea that I liked just as much as I enjoyed that one. I did actually find the precise brand of grapefruit green tea that was offered by Tohono Chul - but for some reason, it just didn't taste the same here as it did there - I attribute this to the water - because it can definitely make a difference.

I have enjoyed many different grapefruit green teas since then, but I still found myself wanting to create one that I absolutely LOVED and I think that I managed that task with this grapefruit green tea. The flavor is magnificent: It's juicy and tart with a distinct grapefruit flavor. It leaves a tart, tingly note on the palate in the finish - similar to what you might experience if you were eating a fresh grapefruit. I love the way the green tea works together with the grapefruit here - offering a bit of sweetness to offset the tart a bit, and also offering a hint of bitterness that accentuates the grapefruit nicely!

This is so good!

to brew: don't overleaf this one. measure 2.5g of leaf to 12 ounces of hot water (175°F). when weighing the leaf, be sure not to include a wedge of fruit as it will offset the weight. If you're using a scoop or spoon to measure the tea, use a teaspoon of leaf - slightly rounded - without the fruit. You want to add the fruit to the measurement before you steep it, of course, but you shouldn't include it in the actual measurement so that it doesn't offset the measurement and leave you with not enough tea leaves. Steep for 2 minutes and strain. Enjoy!

If you enjoy the tartness of grapefruit, drink as is without sweetener - if you want to curb that tartness just a bit, try adding a wee bit of sugar or even a teensy pinch of salt! 

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