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Mad Tea Musings

Tea of the Week for December 30, 2019/Featured Reblend for December: Maple Cheesecake Oolong!

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Maple Cheesecake Oolong!

Tea Description: For those who have been with 52Teas for a while, you may already notice a slight change from the original here - the original Maple Cheesecake was a TieGuanYin and it was noted in the name of tea: Maple Cheesecake TieGuanYin. Well, instead of using a greener, floral TieGuanYin this time around, I used a slightly toasty, fruity Qilan Oolong. And let me tell you: I LOVE this! The warmer notes from the Qilan add so much to the maple & cheesecake notes of this blend. 

Oh, don't get me wrong, I loved the original too. I loved the way the creaminess of the TieGuanYin brought out the creamy notes and textures of the cheesecake. It worked really well together. But I found myself wanting just a little something different this time around and when I received the Qilan in a recent shipment and tested it, I decided that it should be the base for the Maple Cheesecake! And I'm really glad I made that determination because this is absolutely delightful!

And - it's organic, VEGAN, gluten-free & allergen-free!

organic ingredients: oolong tea, calendula petals & natural flavors

Yeah! I'm loving this! It came out just as good as I thought it would (if not better!)

As I said in the above description, this version of the Maple Cheesecake has been altered slightly - using a slightly different base than the original and the reblend I crafted back in 2015. I love me a good TieGuanYin - I even ordered some for this reblend - but when I received my shipment of Oolongs, I tested this one as well as the TieGuanYin and I decided that this one should be the base for the Maple Cheesecake Oolong. I thought that the natural tones of this Qilan would work better with the flavors of maple & cheesecake. So I decided to utilize the TieGuanYin for another blend - the Winter Mint Oolong from our 12 Teas of Christmas box. 

And I think that both blends are all the better for that decision. Try it & let me know if you agree with my decision!

to brew: use 2g of leaf to 12 ounces of very hot water (180°F). allow to steep for 3 1/2 minutes. strain. allow to cool for at least 5 minutes. enjoy! 

Don't forget to resteep. I resteeped these twice (plus the original steep) and got a lot of flavor out of all three steeps!

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