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A New VIT (Very Important Tea): Dirigible Plum Pudding Black Tea!

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Dirigible Plum Pudding Black Tea!

Tea Description: I have been planning a plum tea for some time now because I have this fantastic Bu Lang black tea that has a natural stone-fruit-like flavor to it and I thought it would work absolutely perfectly with a plum-y tea. So when I decided to do a Harry Potter theme for October, I decided this would be the month to feature the plum tea - because Dirigible Plums

Now, this isn't a traditional plum (or Christmas) pudding which is kind of like a cake-like dessert that's been boiled in a bag. I've never had that pudding - so I'd be at a bit of a loss on how to come up with a tea inspired by it. Instead, this is meant to taste a bit like what we here in the US call a pudding - a sweet, custard-like dessert.

So I took the aforementioned Bu Lang black tea which is quite smooth and sweet on it's own. To it, I added some vanilla extract and custard essence to get a creamy, pudding-like flavor and then I added lots of (non-dirigible) plums and some freshly shaved nutmeg because I like nutmeg. A delightful plum pudding for your teacup! 

And even though it's not a traditional British plum pudding, I think Harry Potter would approve. (It's also vegan, gluten-free and allergen-free!)

ingredients: tea, organic plums, organic nutmeg, organic amaranth petals & organic natural flavors

YES! I love this tea! 

This is so good! A big, juicy plum flavor to it - with just the right amount of sweet, creamy, custard-y goodness to go with it. It tastes good hot, it tastes good cold. It just tastes - so good!

I recently ordered this batch of Bu Lang black tea - I had actually intended to try it as part of a blend - but the leaves are just too big that they won't work as part of a blend - so I needed to use them on their own. And because the leaves are so bulky, they wouldn't work very well as a tea of the week because they wouldn't fit into the usual size pouch - and that causes problems because the larger pouches wouldn't fit into the boxes that I use for the subscription. So I just decided that this tea - while absolutely amazing (it really is an outstanding black tea) should be used in a VIT type tea rather than as part of a black tea blend that would be used for a tea of the week.

The plum tastes so authentic - it reminds me of a fresh, ripe plum - taking a bite of that fresh, ripe plum and it's so juicy that the juices start dripping down your arm as you eat it. Fortunately, you won't need a wet-wipe after you finish a cup of this tea!

The creamy custard is the perfect accompanying flavor to go with the sweet-tart plum. It's so smooth and silky!

to brew: with this tea, I strongly suggest weighing it out because you aren't going to be able to measure this tea in a teaspoon. The leaves are just too big, curly and bulky to work with usual measuring devices. Go with 3g of tea to 12 ounces of nearly boiling (205°F) water, steep for 3 minutes. strain. allow to cool for at least 10 minutes. Enjoy!

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