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A VIT (Very Important Tea) for a VIP (Very Important Pair)!

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Tea Description: When a dear friend of mine (and a very special customer from our Page of Awesomeness) wrote to me and asked me to create a tea for her proposal to her significant other, I was thrilled and tremendously honored that she would ask me to create something that would be part of such a momentous milestone in her life. 

So we went into some of the overall details of her tea concept. She wanted a tea that would be representative of six continents - as she wanted to invite him to explore the world with her! What a lovely concept! Since Antarctica isn't really a place many people visit (or grow things!) she didn't include all seven continents.

Fortunately, because tea is such a global product, this wouldn't be too difficult a task.  

Then she got into some specific details: because Dragon Well is a favorite of both of them, she wanted it to be included in the blend. She also wanted a jasmine tea to be part of the blend.

So we had the continent of Asia represented!

For the continent of Africa, I added some green rooibos. From the continent of Europe, I added some green tea from Portugal and from the continent of Oceania, I added some green tea from New Zealand.

For the American continents, we have our additions: the continent of North America is represented by big, juicy blackberries and for the continent of South America, we have cacao nibs & shells. Finally, the chocolate chips represent both American continents: the cacao was grown in South America, but they were produced in North America. 

So there we have it: this is a green tea/green rooibos blend featuring Dragon Well and Jasmine teas from China, Young Hysson from Portugal and green tea from New Zealand, green rooibos from South Africa - and this base is blended with blackberries and chocolate. This is no ordinary blend - specially crafted with love and respect for two very special people!

And of course, this blend was crafted with our basic values intact: it's VEGAN, gluten free & allergen free!

ingredients: green teas & chocolate chips (cacao & sugar)

organic ingredients: green teas, green rooibos, blackberries, cacao nibs & shells & natural flavors

This is divine! I wasn't sure - to be completely honest - of whether or not I'd like it very much because I was wary of the jasmine note in this, but I decided to try it because I've tried chocolate with jasmine in it and enjoyed it quite a bit - so I thought - hey, who knows? This might work! Let's hope so! 

And it does! It works fabulously well! 

The blackberry and chocolate notes are forward and the jasmine dances through the sip - weaving its way in and out throughout the sip - lingering beautifully in the aftertaste. The green tea offers a soft sweetness to the background. The flavors, for their part, are soft enough to not overwhelm the green tea but not so soft that they become lost. It's a beautiful balance of flavor and if I'm to be totally honest, I'm quite proud of how well this came out. It's astonishingly good. Hey, maybe I'm a pretty fair tea blender, eh? 

to brew: OK, I know I say this a lot. Like A LOT! But it's really important, especially with this blend because rooibos are super tiny and the green tea leaves are not nearly so tiny. So please, shake, shake, shake this pouch before you measure it out, and when you do measure it out, make sure that there are some rooibos in your measurement along with the green teas, chocolate, cacao and blackberries. 

Go with about 3g of leaf to 12 ounces of hot water (175°F) and let it steep for 2 - 2 1/2 minutes. Strain and allow to cool for about 5 minutes. Enjoy!

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