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Featured Reblend for February 2020: Rocky Road Black Tea!

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Rocky Road Black Tea!

Tea Description: This one was requested to be reblended a few years ago (shortly after it was originally blended back in 2017) - unfortunately, it was a request that I could not fulfill right away owing to the fact that I did not have all the teas I utilized in the original blend (a combination of Laoshan, Assamica grown in the Jingmai Mountains & Golden Yunnan) - now, oridinarily, I might've just reblended it with a different blend of teas, but given how much I love this blend - I didn't want to change up the recipe that much. 

Fortunately, now is the time that my patience (as well as yours!) is being rewarded! Here it is! A blend of black teas - Laoshan, Assamica & Golden Yunnan - combined with cacao nibs & shells, marshmallow root, almond essence (NUT FREE!) as well as VEGAN chocolate chips (mini dark chocolate chips plus white chocolate chips - yep, they're both vegan!) This is so, so ridiculously good. 

So, you might be asking: Is it as good as a bowl of Rocky Road ice cream? No, it isn't. Why? Because this is tea. Try as I might, I cannot make a tea that has the same texture as a bowl of rocky road ice cream. But this does have the flavors you would expect from a bowl of Rocky Road ice cream. It just doesn't have the same mouthfeel as a bite of chocolate-y frozen cream, eggs & sugar with soft bits of marshmallow & crunchy chunks of almond. Hey, I'm good at what I do (if I do say so myself) but I'm not capable of such a feat. On the bright side, a cup of this is a lot less fattening than a bowl of the ice cream! 

That said, if you enjoy the flavors of Rocky Road ice cream, I think you will enjoy this. The black tea is bold & flavorful with deliciously rich chocolate-y notes; sweet creamy marshmallow-y notes & roasted nutty flavors. Tasty!

When I originally blended this back in 2017, here's how I described the tea: 

I'm pretty sure that Frank had a Rocky Road tea at one point because I recall asking him to reblend it several years ago - I had never tasted it but I had found the tea description in his archives and I wanted to try it so I do remember asking him to reblend it. He never did.

So since I can no longer retrieve any of those archived teas and it doesn't show up at Steepster, I'm just going to call this my blend.

I started with Laoshan black teas from Verdant for their chocolate-y character. Then I chose a rich, malty Assamica tea from the Jingmai Mountains. Then I added some Golden Yunnan tea to round out the flavors. To this, I added roasted cacao nibs, cacao shells, marshmallow root, sunflower seeds and vegan dark and white chocolate chips.

And yes, I've said it before and I'm going to say it again now: YUM!

I stuck pretty close to the recipe - except - this time around, no sunflower seeds. I've had mixed reviews from customers about the addition of sunflower seeds. Some people enjoyed them, but others did not & if I were to keep count, I'd say that those who disliked the sunflower seed addition outnumbered those that liked the addition. For that reason, I decided to eliminate that addition from future blends. To those that miss this addition, I apologize!

Otherwise, the recipe was a winner in my book so I kept true to my original creation. I do recommend allowing this one to cool at least 10 minutes after steeping because the time will allow those flavors to develop! This tea is VEGAN, gluten-free & nut-free!

ingredients: black teas, vegan dark chocolate chips (unsweetened chocolate, cane sugar)

organic ingredients: black tea, cacao nibs, cacao shells, marshmallow root, vegan white chocolate chips (cocoa butter, raw cane sugar, tapioca starch, rice syrup powder, rice maltodextrin, vanilla & sea salt) & natural flavors

Oh YUM! I think - before sipping on this - I might have forgotten just how tasty this blend was! I mean, it had been about three years since the last time I tasted it - & I gotta admit that with everything that has happened in the last 3 years, it seems like it was a lot longer than just 3 years! 

This tea is rich & smooth & creamy. CHOCOLATE-Y! I love how satisfying this is! It manages to curb my desire for something sweet - which is one of the reasons I like to have teas like this around - to help me resist the urge to eat something I shouldn't!

to brew: I recommend giving the pouch a shake before you measure it out. This blend has quite a few ingredients: tea leaves, marshmallow root, cacao nibs & shells - as well as the two different types of chocolate chips - and some of those ingredients tend to settle to the bottom of the pouch. You want an equal distribution of ingredients when you measure it out. 

Use 3 1/2 grams of leaf (a little more than what you might usually use, because the chocolate chips tend to be a bit heavier than the tea leaves) to 12 ounces of nearly boiling water (205°F). allow to steep for 3 minutes. strain & allow to cool for at least 10 minutes (your patience will be rewarded!) enjoy!

Sugar is not necessary with this blend but I find that when added, the flavors are a little better defined. 

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