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Featured Reblend for June 2018: Blueberry Zabaglione Black Tea!

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 Blueberry Zabaglione Black Tea!

Tea Description: I had actually planned on reblending this almost a year ago, but then I did the FUNdraiser with the three teas - The Vanilla Marshmallow., Chocolate Eclair and Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish - and I thought that the two creamy blueberry teas would be a bit too much being reblended within such a short time period would be a bit much so instead, I put this one off a few months.

Now, that said, this one should not be compared to the Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish because this is Blueberry Zabaglione. And what is Zabaglione? It's an Italian custard. In France, it's known as "Sabayon" which is a little more familiar to me - if for no other reason than I watch Food Network and I've heard them speak of sabayon. (I've never actually tried it.) And since I have never actually tried the actual custard, I have to rely upon Wikipedia when it tells me that a Zabaglione is a creamy custard that differs from what I'm familiar with when it comes to custard in that one of the ingredients is wine. 

So: this is a black tea (a base of Assam, Ceylon & Yunnan teas) blended with vanilla bean, blueberries and the essence of zabaglione. It has a delightful, creamy vanilla-y note with a subtle hint of wine and a beautiful blueberry note. It's sweet, rich and delicious!

Frank's original description of this tea went like this:

Following the HUGE success we had with our Strawberry Zabaglione, I decided we should offer a blueberry version.

Here’s our premium Indian black teas blended with real (HUGE!) freeze-dried blueberries and natural flavors. This is a truly delicious combination of creamy zabaglione and blueberries with great black tea.

I loved this blend when Frank crafted it eight years ago (yes, eight!) and I am loving it now. I don't think it would be fair to attempt to compare the two because - you know - it has been some eight years ago since Frank first created it. So I will simply say that I was happy to sip on his blend back then, and I'm oh-so-happy to be sipping on my version of it now!

This is organic, vegan, allergen & gluten free!

organic ingredients: black teas, blueberries, vanilla beans, cornflowers & natural flavors

Yay! I am loving this! I'm sipping on it hot, but I'm already planning to brew some for iced tea later!

I know that with the reblending of this tea, the comparisons are going to come. This tea versus the Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish. But this is NOT that tea, so I do hope that people will judge it on it's own and not compare it. 

The sip starts out with a rich, black tea flavor that immediately transforms into a delicate, sweet vanilla note. The blueberry comes next - sweet, juicy blueberry! The flavors playing on the tongue are sweet, creamy custard and berry. It's not until mid-sip that I taste the wine-like flavor - but once it reveals itself - it's there to stay and it lingers into the aftertaste. It's quite lovely.

to brew: start with 3 grams of tea - you want to make sure you have an adequate amount of leaf to the measurement as there are a LOT of blueberries in this and while the blueberries are quite lovely - you want to taste the tea too! So make sure you have both blueberries and tea in your measurement, with most of the 3 grams in weight being the tea leaves. Steep in 12 ounces of hot water (nearly boiling - 205°F) for 2 1/2 to 3 minutes. I wouldn't advise steeping it longer than that until you've first tried it at the 2 1/2 - 3 minute mark because there is Assam in this blend and it can become bitter if oversteeped. 

strain and let cool for about 10 minutes. This allows the flavor to develop. Enjoy! 

This one is good hot or iced. It doesn't require sweetening, but a teensy bit of sugar will enhance the custardy flavors just a bit.

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