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Featured Reblend/Bonus Reblend for January 2020: Grapefruit Brown Sugar White Tea!

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Grapefruit Brown Sugar White Tea!

Tea Description: This is a tea that I've wanted to reblend for a while - because I loved it when it first came out (back in 2014) & I think I love it even more now! Perhaps the reason I like it more now is because I made this blend with an organic White Peony instead of the Shou Mei that Frank utilized in the original blend & I'll take a White Peony over a Shou Mei any day. 

Back when Frank blended this tea, he described it like this:

My wife and I just celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary. I’m a little surprised she has put up with me for that long. Anyway, she specifically requested this blend and I think it was a great suggestion. It’s something I doubt I would eat, but I don’t really care for grapefruit,however as a flavored tea, this is awesome. It’s tart and sweet and light and refreshing. Very yummy.

So, this blend doesn't really rely much on a previous recipe because - this is one of the recipes that was either lost when Frank's computer went kaput or when mine did - but because the name of the tea seems like a very straightforward recipe, I just went for it. I started with an organic White Peony tea, added paper-thin sliced dried grapefruit wedges & some brown sugar essence to create a tea that tastes like a grapefruit topped with brown sugar. A delightful treat for your teacup! 

So my blend is a little different - not just from the type of white tea used - but also from my addition of grapefruit wedges. This is a really tasty tea - tangy-tart, a little bit sweet, it's light & crisp & bright. A very refreshing cuppa! It's also organic, VEGAN, gluten-free & allergen free! 

organic ingredients: white tea, grapefruit, calendula petals & natural flavors

I think I've already shown that I love grapefruit - since I've created several different grapefruit blends while I've been doing this 52Teas thing. Right off the top of my head, I recall that I've created a grapefruit green, a grapefruit Oolong & I've utilized grapefruit in various mixed fruit blends. I love a good grapefruit tea.

And this one certainly qualifies as a GOOD grapefruit tea!

One of my favorite teas I've ever tasted was a green Grapefruit tea that I had in Arizona when I traveled to Tucson some years ago. After doing a little bit of research (not just on my part but a couple of people who live in Arizona helped me with the research) - I found out the name of the company that created that grapefruit tea & I've obtained some of that loose leaf tea & for whatever reason, it just didn't taste as good as I remember it tasting on my trip to Tucson. I'm pretty sure that it has something to do with the water from Tucson - or maybe my palate interpreted it differently while I was on vacation versus when I got home? Maybe my palate was happier on vacation. Who knows? 

Anyway, I really loved this blend when Frank originally blended it in 2014 & as I stated in the above description, I like it even more now. The grapefruit is bright and tangy! Tart even - but thanks to the brown sugar notes in this, I'm not puckering. That soft sweetness allows this tea to glide over the palate smoothly ... it's so silky. That's something that I just adore about white tea - it's so silky when you sip it! 

I love it!

to brew: because white tea is so much 'bulkier' than your typical black or green tea, it is better to weigh the tea rather than try to measure it with a spoon. If you're gonna use that spoon, go with a couple of heaping teaspoons. If you're gonna weigh it, go with 3g. this measurement, whether via spoon or weight, should be steeped in 12 ounces of very hot water (heated to 170°F) for 3 1/2 minutes. strain. allow to cool for about 5 minutes. enjoy!

This tea is great served straight - but the brown sugar notes seem to pop when I add just a teensy bit of sugar (less than 1/2 a teaspoon). It really depends on what notes you want to enjoy with this cup - if you prefer a less sweet cup that doesn't focus on the brown sugar very much, then go straight. If you want more of a pop of flavors, add just a bit of sugar or other sweetener.

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