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On The 3rd Day of Christmas . . .

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Happy 3rd Day of our Christmas Tea Countdown, everyone!

I was really happy that this tea did so well in the poll. While it was a reblend - it was one that I took a great deal of liberTEA with when I recreated it - and so I was happy to know that people enjoyed my reinterpretation of this classic favorite!

Snickerdoodle - Reimagined Black Tea!

Tea Description:  I was just going to go with my previously composed tea description for this tea, but my recipe changed slightly from my first reblend. My original description went like this: 

This tea was reblended to fulfill one of the "You Choose the Reblend" rewards purchased on our start-up Kickstarter. The backer had mentioned to me that she wished that the original blend had more of a cookie-like flavor and when I agreed with her, she asked if I could maybe reblend it but add some cookie-ness to the tea, I said I'd give it a try.

I used my go-to black tea base of Chinese and Indian teas and added pieces of cinnamon and minced vanilla bean and all-natural flavors. The result is a yummy tea with prevalent notes of cinnamon and vanilla and a delicious cookie flavor. You've gotta try it!

Since I was looking to enhance the cookie note even further from my first attempt at this blend, I added some organic Vietnamese black tea to the blend (this rounded out the flavor of the base just a little more) and changed the recipe slightly to bring out the cookie flavor. By offering a smoother, more rounded tea base, the cookie notes seemed to pop a little more! The result is more yum with every sip! 

All Organic Ingredients: Black Teas, Cinnamon, Vanilla Bean and Natural Flavors.

After I reblended this tea last year, I called it "Snickerdoodle - Reimagined" because I took some creative license with the recrafting of this tea. Instead of going with the simple, straightforward combination of vanilla and cinnamon that the original tea was, I wanted to give the tea a freshly baked cookie taste because when I think Snickerdoodle, I think cookie. I heard from a few tea drinkers that they weren't really getting a whole lot of cookie-ness to my first reblend of this tea so when it was a high vote getter in the poll, I saw that as an opportunity to work on that cookie flavor. 

And while I did taste some cookie flavor in the previous reblend - I taste more now - so here's hoping that you guys taste it too!  

To that end, it is important to give this tea a little bit of cooling time. Really, this is important of all the teas I create. The flavorings that are used begin to emerge when the temperature of the tea drops a little. That's not to say that the tea needs to be chilled - but let the temperature cool to a drinkable temperature. Let it cool for at least 10 minutes (or even 15 minutes) before you start sipping. This will encourage those flavors to come forward.

The black tea has a really nice, well-rounded flavor. It's invigorating and bold but not aggressive. I'm not getting bitterness. I'm not getting a lot of astringency either. Just a strong yet smooth black tea flavor. The cinnamon isn't overpowering (cinnamon has a tendency to get that way!) There's a nice vanilla note that softens the cinnamon note. The cinnamon and vanilla are the two most prominent flavors in this cup but I am also getting a background of cookie. 

To brew: Don't overleaf this one (I find that with too much leaf, the tea becomes astringent.) A slightly rounded teaspoon of tea to 12 ounces of boiling water - and let it steep for 2 1/2 minutes. Strain and let cool for 10 minutes. Enjoy! 

Good without sweetener but a teensy bit of sugar will enhance the overall 'cookie' taste.

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