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On The Seventh Day of Christmas . . . (2017 Edition)

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Here we are - day 7! For our Seventh TEA of Christmas, we are bringing back a tea from our last holiday box!

 Crisp Cranberry Soda Green Rooibos!

Tea Description:  I wasn't at all surprised to see that this tea did so well in the polls, it was probably the most popular of the original blends that I crafted for last year's box. 

Here's my original description of this tea:

My inspiration behind this tea was the cranberry flavored lemon-lime soft drinks that come out around Thanksgiving. I thought that the best base for such a tea would be a green rooibos because it has a light, sparkling kind of taste to it naturally, and the light fruitiness of the rooibos would enhance the fruity flavors that I'd be adding to it.

Then I added lots of cranberries to the blend and some natural flavors to create a soda like taste.

Really nice! Light and crisp and refreshing!

This tastes as nice as I remember it - just as I say above, it's light, crisp and refreshing. Pleasantly sweet but with a distinct cranberry tartness to it. A really nice holiday blend that I would be happy to reblend every year!

organic ingredients: green rooibos, cranberries & natural flavors

This is so yummy! The cranberry pops! There's a crispness to it that reminds me of one of those lemon-lime sodas - almost bubbly - which is quite lovely (even when the tea is hot! I like this one even better when it's cold though, I must admit!)

This one is also extremely forgiving - the second time I took it for a taste test, I set it to steep and forgot to set a timer - and oversteeped it about 15 minutes! But because this is rooibos, it doesn't 'oversteep' ... not really. It really only needs 8 - 10 minutes steep time for a pleasing flavor, but it's one of those that you can just keep on steeping and the flavor just builds without any bitterness, so if you have the time and the patience, try steeping it longer. Or, if you happen to have one, use one of those steeping devices that keeps the tea leaves in the liquid and continues to steep right up until you take a sip, filtering the drink through a sieve just as the tea reaches your lips so that you don't drink the leaves. 

to brew: use a teaspoon and a half of leaf (with rooibos - or honeybush - you should always use just a little extra leaf!) to 12 ounces of hot water (heated to 195°F) and let steep for at least 8 minutes. Strain and allow to cool for a few minutes (depending upon how long you let it steep, as it does cool as it steeps!) A little teensy bit of sugar will enhance the overall 'soda' experience of this tea.

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