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September's Featured Reblend: Golden Yunnan Whiskey Sour!

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whiskeysour.jpg Golden Yunnan Whiskey Sour!

Tea Description: To be honest, this isn't one that I had really planned upon reblending any time soon. Certainly not for this month's Featured Reblend. However, at the earliest testing stages, the originally planned Featured Reblend was not going in the direction I was hoping for so I made a lightning quick decision to reblend this one - and that decision came about primarily because I knew that I had all the required ingredients on hand so reblending this wasn't going to put me behind.

Besides, truth be known, this was one of my favorites from Frank's era. (I have a lot of favorites.) I remember enjoying this so much that I hoarded the last little bit that I had of it for a while - until I was afraid that the little stash that I had was going to start losing it's flavor and turn my tea glad into a tea sad. 

Frank's original description of this tea goes like this:

We start with some ultra-premium golden Yunnan tea, blend it with lemon peel and natural whiskey-, lemon- and maraschino cherry flavors. This is all of the Yunnan I have, so when this is gone, it’s GONE.

I stayed pretty true to the recipe, although I'm certain that my source for my Golden Yunnan is different from Frank's source - and yes, that definitely DOES make a difference. Instead of lemon peel, I used dried, sliced lemons that I cut into small wedges - and just because I can sometimes be an annoying stickler for detail, I decided to also add some freeze-dried cherries (which aren't maraschino cherries) to the blend because a cocktail always looks better with a cherry in it, right?

This isn't really 'sour' - it's more of a sweet and sour kind of taste, not unlike my memory of the original blend. The malty notes of the Golden Yunnan play well to the whiskey notes - and those whiskey notes are pleasant and smooth. A bright citrus-y note melds nicely with the smooth whiskey flavor and a hint of sweetness from the cherry lingers in the background. 

This tea tastes really good hot - and it's also nice iced. 

ingredients: black tea

organic ingredients: lemons, cherries & natural flavors


I've actually missed this tea. As I mentioned in the above description, this is one that I enjoyed so much that I actually hoarded the last little bit that I had - not exactly why, except that I liked it and wanted to save it. But alas, tea isn't meant to be 'saved' - it's meant to be enjoyed so I fortunately did finish my last little bit before it went stale. 

Anyway, this reblend tastes as nice as I remember the original blend tasting: sweet but also sour, with a smooth whiskey note and that rich, malty golden yunnan. So very tasty!

to brew: The Golden Yunnan is a very full leaf - so you might not have a lot of luck measuring it with a teaspoon or perfect tea spoon. However, if you have the bamboo scoop that I was shipping out with orders over the last few months - you can achieve a good measurement with that. One scoop to 12 ounces of boiling water (I actually now use near boiling - 205°F - as I find that that tea just seems to taste better to me.) Let it steep for 2 1/2 - 3 minutes. I actually went with 3 minutes for this blend. 

Strain and let cool for at least 10 minutes and then Cheers!

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