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Taste Test: Blackberry Zomba (A Special Reblend)!

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A month or so ago, one of my customers (and someone I consider a friend) suggested that I reblend a tea from last summer: Blackberry Zomba. Well, actually she suggested that it be added to the D's Teas line. I didn't see that as a feasible option since this Steamed Zomba green tea is something that I don't always have in my inventory. But shortly after her request, I was in my studio taking mental inventory of what teas I had in stock and I realized that I did have some Zomba on hand - and since I did, why not go ahead and reblend it?

blackberryzomba.jpgSo, here it is: Blackberry Zomba!

Tea Description:  I created this tea last year shortly after I received my first shipment of this steamed Zomba green tea from the Satemwa estate in Malawi. It has a really lovely, natural fruity quality to it that makes it a perfect base for fruit flavors. The blend is a simple recipe but it's really quite lovely and I decided what better tea to kick off our FUNdraising efforts than with our Blackberry Zomba? 

Here's my original description for this tea:

I have been loving the teas that I've been getting from the Satemwa estate in Malawi. The Zomba Steamed Green Tea is one of my favorites. It's a sweet, crisp tea that is flavorful on it's own so I thought that it would take nicely to a simple recipe. Something straightforward like blackberry.

I blended this single estate, fair-trade, Rain Forest Alliance Certified steamed green tea from Africa with organic freeze-dried blackberries from the Pacific Northwest. The result is a simple yet flavorful cuppa. Green tea meets blackberry. Simple, straight-forward and delicious.

ingredients: green tea, organic blackberries and organic natural flavors

Blackberries - well all berries, to be honest - are among my favorite flavors to work with. I'm not sure why that is, really, except that possibly I just love berries - I always have. It also probably has something to do with the fact that they seem to work really well with the natural flavor of the tea so it becomes a very harmonious thing without a whole lot of work to try to achieve a balance because it sort of naturally just happens. 

Of the many different berry blends I've crafted - I think that this may be one of my favorites. Then again, as I type that, I can't help but think that I probably say that with many of the blends I've crafted. I mean, if I didn't like a tea that I blended - you wouldn't hear about it because I'd scrap it and start over with a fresh idea. Fortunately, that doesn't happen too often because it would be costly if it did. 

Fortunately, with the simple blends - like this one - it's pretty much a given that the blend will work out. 

This reblend tastes very much the way I remember the original tasting. The blackberry flavor is strong, sweet and delicious. A hint of berry tingle in the finish that lingers long into the aftertaste. A fresh, sweet grassy note that complements the berry note and somehow helps the cuppa taste more like a basket of freshly-picked, sun-ripened berries. 

To brew: Since my suggested brewing parameters haven't changed for this tea since I last blended it, I'm just going to copy and paste my previous instructions: I'm not gonna lie, it's a little difficult to measure this out in a "perfect teaspoon" type of measurement. It's better if you just pour it into your hand and eyeball it. But if you can't do that (and no, I still don't have my small scale working - I'm working on it though!) then I recommend using a regular teaspoon and scoop out a heaping teaspoon of the tea. Brew this with 12 ounces of hot water (heated to 175°F) for 2 minutes. Strain and let cool for 5 minutes. The blackberry flavor really pops with the cooling time!

A post-script: that darned small scale never did work properly. I guess I'm going to have to find another one. If you have one of the scoops that I offered as a free gift at the beginning of June, that scoop makes an ideal measuring tool for this tea!

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