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Taste Testing (Part 24)

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Today, I'm testing out a reblend which will be part of one of the add-ons from the start-up Kickstarter - this tea will be part of the Fruity 3-Tier collection.

 Spiced Orappangele! (Formerly known as Mellie's Spiced Orappangele)

So, I don't know anybody named Mellie, so I decided to just call this Spiced Orappangele. It's a blend of Chinese Sencha, apple, orange and cinnamon flavors. And it's tasty!

This tea was the tea of the week for February 28, 2011 - and seriously, it does NOT seem like it's been five years since I tasted this for the first time. Time flies! The original description went like this:

I think it should be pronounced “or-AH-pang-ul-ee” though that sounds nothing like orange or apple.

Many of you know I’ve been struggling lately with a nasty back injury. Well, I got a bit of help from one of Zoomdweebie’s former regular customers and all around awesome person, Mellie, who helped me figure out what to blend for this week.

You may not be able to compare apples and oranges, but we can sure blend them together! Here’s our amazing Chinese sencha green tea blended with real dried apple bits, orange peel, cinnamon chips and even some freeze-dried orange sections. This is going to blow you away.

I stuck pretty close to the original recipe for this - I thought about maybe adding additional spices but since I've been using spices like crazy lately (because I've also been reblending the Spicy 3-tier collection), I decided to keep the recipe simple. So, I added the apple, the orange (and even included freeze dried apple pieces and dried orange segments) and the cinnamon. Then I did add some shaved nutmeg because ... nutmeg. Love the stuff.

Other than the nutmeg, this is pretty darned close to the original. 

Nice - this tea has a very autumnal taste to me - perhaps it's the cinnamon or the apple or a combination of the two. The apple and orange flavors are nicely balance. There is a strong fruity note but the cinnamon adds an enjoyable contrast and a touch of spice. The cinnamon doesn't take over the blend (as cinnamon is often known to do). It's bright and sweet with just enough of cinnamon's warmth shining through. The nutmeg is there, but it's a very faint note, allowing cinnamon to be the main spice component of this blend. As I continue to sip, I pick up on more of the nutmeg. 

The green tea has a soft, buttery note and offers just a hint of it's natural grassy tone. The overall cup is sweet, warm, and smooth.

To brew: I used my Kati tumbler and added a bamboo scoop of tea to the basket. I heated freshly filtered water to 180°F and let the tea steep for 2 minutes. After straining, I let the tea cool for about 5 minutes to let the flavors develop. 

Please Note:  This tea will be available on the website soon!