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Taste Testing (Part 6) . . .

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It's been a short while since I've last posted a taste testing post because most of my taste testing has been of the teas of the week for July.  But we're back into the swing of the getting the reblends finished - and I'm thinking that if things keep going the way they have over the last couple of weeks - not only will we have August Teas of the Week shipping by the first of August but we'll also have all the campaign reblends finished by the end of July!  (A month ahead of schedule!  Woot!)

Maple Cheesecake TieGuanYin

I followed the recipe pretty closely with this tea, except I did adjust it slightly so that there was more maple in the mix because ... maple.  And after taking my first few sips of this, I'm really glad I did.  This is deliciously maple-y, but not so much that it overpowers the other components in this blend. 

Before I started with the taste testing of this tea, I decided to revisit my original review of this tea on SororiTea Sisters.  It had been a while since I had written that review and while the tea was quite memorable, I like to revisit my thoughts on teas every once in a while to see what I thought then and what I think now (and also, since this is a new batch of the tea, it's kind of nice to compare.)  

The organic TieGuanYin is sweet, full-flavored and has a really nice, buttery/creamy texture to it.  There are hints of a nutty, toasty sort of quality that plays well to the cheesecake as well as the maple.  The maple is sweet and delightful - and the cheesecake is really lovely with it's tangy, cream cheese notes.  I love the contrast between tangy and sweet.

Really good.  So glad this one was reblended.  I think that you guys are going to be really happy with this one.

Resteep:  The flavors wane in the resteep - I still get a tangy note of cheesecake and hints of maple but it's not nearly as focused as in the first cup.  However, I do get a really beautiful experience from the TieGuanYin at this point.  Sweet, creamy and pleasantly floral.  

Since this tea is loaded on the website now, I'm not going to wait for the Sun & Cloud Mist - I'll post those tasting notes in a couple of days!