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Taste Testing - Sparkle Pony Tea! (A Special Anniversary Blend)

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June 1st marks our first 'official' day of business - last year, Amethyst and I officially took over 52Teas on June 1!

To celebrate, we decided to create a special *exclusive* anniversary tea that will NOT be available for sale, instead, we'll be sending out this tea to all of our subscribers this month. In addition, all orders $25 or more will receive a taster pouch of this tea . . . while supplies last!

That's the only way you get to try this tea - so you should place your order now if you want to try this tea. We didn't make a bunch of it because we didn't want to have too much overstock - I have a feeling that this tea is going to be gone before the end of June!

 Sparkle Pony Tea!

Tea Description: So you might be wondering just WHAT Sparkle Pony Tea is supposed to be. Worry not, no ponies were harmed during the making of this tea (Sparkling or otherwise). When I first posed the question to Steepster to get an idea of what type of tea we should offer for our special anniversary blend, one of the suggestions was: "Make a really amazing sparkle pony anniversary blend. Must contain glitter and fireworks and unicorns." 


But what does a Sparkle Pony tea taste like? 

Having never tried a Sparkle Pony Tea, I decided to turn to google which seems to answer the craziest of questions. When I googled Sparkle Pony, I found out that the urban dictionary defines a sparkle pony as "a high maintenance person at a burning man festival who is unprepared for the harsh camping environment and becomes a burden to their camp-mates."


Having never been to a burning man festival and not really wanting to google that, I decided to go with the second result on the Sparkle Pony google search which led me to Jenny Conlee's Wikipedia page. It turns out that Jenny was featured on the show Portlandia (Yay! I love that show! Plus, Portland is like five minutes away from my home! Local!) and on the show, she portrayed a musician for the band "Sparkle Pony" (Jenny is a musician in real life and plays several instruments for the band The Decemberists.) 

OK! There's something I can work with.

So I take to Twitter and I send out a tweet to Ms. Conlee and asked her: "if Sparkle Pony was a flavored tea, what flavor of tea would it be?" Her response: "Ginger Tea." 


Ginger tea. Hmm. I like a ginger tea just as much as the next ginger tea drinker but this is 52Teas. We're kind of known for our *out there* flavors. I would have been better prepared for her to say a "Banana and Chocolate Chip Pancake topped with Peanut Butter Flavored Tea" than "Ginger Tea." I decided to get a little creative with the Ginger - and instead of just using ginger root, I also added some sparkling crystallized ginger. (To give it some sparkle!) And then - maybe I was just on a bit of a Pluot kick (I do love them), but I thought, why not make a pluot flavored tea? How about Pluot Ginger Tea? 

So here it is. I started with an amazing Pheonix Dan Cong Oolong and created a Pluot (that's a plum-apricot hybrid fruit for those who don't frequent your local produce markets) Ginger tea that is sparkling with crystallized ginger and also a very scant sprinkling of purple edible vegan glitter (this stuff is really expensive and only bought a gram of it to add to the tea because I figured that people were wanting to taste tea more than they were wanting to taste vegan glitter). The tea does not contain unicorns or fireworks, so the label does. I'm hoping that will suffice.

ingredients: organic oolong tea, dried pluots, organic ginger root, organic crystallized ginger (sliced ginger and sugar), vegan edible glitter and organic natural flavors.

Mmm! I'm really pleased with how this turned out. I am getting a good amount of pluot flavor (which tend to taste a bit more like plum than apricot to me) and a touch of ginger. This is not a heavily gingered tea as I didn't want to overpower the pluot flavor and I wanted the natural fruit notes of the Oolong to shine through. I get those fruit notes - the Oolong has a natural plum-y flavor to it that is sweet and smooth. There is a slight tangy note - just like when I bite into a pluot. The ginger is more of a warmth rather than what I'd call heat - a very gentle hint of spice than a peppery zesty kick of flavor.

Really tasty. 

To Brew: I used about a teaspoon (OK, I eyeballed it because the leaves are kind of big) of tea to 12 ounces of hot water (heated to 180°F) and steeped the tea for 3 minutes. Strain and let cool for at least 5 minutes. Enjoy. 

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