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Tea of the Week for August 20, 2018: Strawberry Sundae Honeybush!

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Strawberry Sundae Honeybush!

Tea Description: When I went into my tea studio to create the caffeine-free tea for August, I actually had a completely different idea in mind; however, I realized that I didn't have the ingredients I needed for that idea (I thought I did - but no!) So, after arriving into the tea studio and ready to work and I realized I didn't have the stuff I needed to create the tea I had planned on - I had to do some quick thinking. I grabbed the honeybush and strawberries, marshmallow root & vanilla bean and I started blending. 

Now that I sit here, sipping on this, I'm reminded the 'famous' Walter Bishop's Strawberry Milkshake honeybush blend. It tastes a lot like that blend - but it's a bit ... more vanilla than the Strawberry Milkshake. This reminded me more of a strawberry sundae. Like vanilla ice cream topped with strawberries. And - YUM! It's so good.

This is good served as a hot tea - I found it to be creamy and sweet. The berry flavor comes forward toward the finish of the sip. But it's even BETTER as an iced tea. The vanilla is creamier and the strawberry flavor is more pronounced. It's good either way, but much better as an iced tea so I highly recommend trying it that way!

organic ingredients: honeybush, strawberries, marshmallow root, vanilla bean & natural flavors


As I mentioned in the above description, this reminds me a lot of Walter Bishop's Strawberry Milkshake honeybush and I think that for those of you who really enjoyed that blend - I think you're going to like this one too. I didn't actually intend on recreating that blend - really, my intended caffeine-free tea this month was something totally different but because I didn't have what I needed to blend that one, I needed to come up with something kind of on the spur of the moment (I mean, I was there, in my studio - so it was a matter of thinking fast and these were the ingredients that jumped out to me in that moment).

But I'm not sad that this is what I came up with - not at all - because this tastes amazingly good! It's sweet and creamy - the primary flavor is vanilla and the strawberry seems to hit the palate at some point after the vanilla has washed over the palate. It kind of sneaks in there and gets stronger as the sip progresses and by the finish, you get this really lovely strawberry note that lingers into the aftertaste. Quite lovely.

It makes a stunning iced tea! I love it hot too, but this one is definitely best iced!

to brew: use 4 to 5 grams of tea (a heaping teaspoon - or a teaspoon & a half) to 12 ounces of hot water (heated to 195°F) and steep for 8 minutes or more. Honeybush doesn't get bitter when "oversteeped" so you can keep on steeping without that worry. Strain and allow to cool for at least 5 minutes so those flavors can develop. Enjoy!

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