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Tea of the Week for December 2, 2019: It's Snowing! (Black Tea)

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It's Snowing!

Tea Description: I had planned on crafting a totally different tea for this week, but when I went to my tea studio to start working on the tea, this one just sort of took shape. I let my creativity do its thing & this is what I came up with: A blend of black teas (primarily Assam & Vietnamese with a little bit of Yunnan for a rounder flavor), vanilla beans, cinnamon, ginger & coconut. I wanted something with warm spices (as sort of a warm-me-up because ... you know ... "it's snowing") but I didn't want to go the full-on chai route as I've got a few other chai blends going on so far this year. So, I just went with two classic spice flavors for the season & then added some vanilla to soften things up a bit & a bit of coconut for the "snow." 

I love the flavor of this tea! When I first start sipping on the warm cuppa - the flavor is spice. Cinnamon and Ginger. As you continue to sip it - a few sips into the cup - you start to pick up on the notes of vanilla. After a few more sips, the coconut becomes the star of the show, accompanied by the vanilla with the cinnamon and ginger still present but in the background, allowing the coconut and vanilla to shine through. 

But - it's like the name, right? When it first starts snowing, the weather is very cold. Bracing. Cold enough to want to run inside and get warm under a cozy blanket. That's the cinnamon and ginger - they're the warm, cozy blanket. Finally, when you glance out the frosted window, you see the snow start to fall. It's not a heavy snow yet, just a few flakes falling from the sky. That's the vanilla. Given a little more time, the snowflakes become bigger and blanket the earth around you. That's the coconut.

This is so yummy! Really thrilled with how this one turned out! And it's organic, VEGAN & gluten free!

organic ingredients: black teas, cinnamon, ginger, coconut, vanilla beans & natural flavors

In the above description, I mentioned how this tea progresses with it's flavors. If you judge a tea by it's very first sip, you'll be missing the whole picture. You'll probably only notice the cinnamon and ginger. If you continue to sip, though, you'll start to pick up on the vanilla and then the coconut. This is a tea that requires some patience of the drinker for it to bloom into what it will become. But trust me, your patience will be rewarded! Now that I am almost finished with the cup, the flavor has become a beautiful medley of all the flavors: coconut, vanilla, ginger and cinnamon - and it tastes like Winter!

to brew: give the pouch of tea a good shake before you open it to measure it out - these ingredients may settle and shift - and they need to be well-incorporated to get the best possible cuppa! use 3g of tea to 12 ounces of nearly boiling water (205°F). allow to steep for 3 minutes. strain and enjoy!

This tea makes a terrific latte!

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