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Tea of the Week for December 3, 2018: Snickerdoodled Cocktail Black Tea!

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Snickerdoodled Cocktail Black Tea!

Tea Description: One day while browsing the interwebs, I discovered a recipe for a snickerdoodle cocktail. I'm not sure exactly why I would be looking at cocktail recipes because a) I very seldom drink alcoholic beverages - maybe once or twice a year - and; b) because I don't drink, I don't have a lot of ingredients to make a cocktail, should I find an intriguing recipe. 

But an intriguing recipe for a cocktail is exactly what I did find: snickerdoodle cocktail. In fact, I found a couple of different recipes for a snickerdoodle cocktails. One included butterscotch schnapps and the other included creme de cacao. This tea recipe resembles neither of these recipes, instead, it is a 'recipe' of my own creation inspired by the idea of a snickerdoodle cocktail that I call Snickerdoodled Cocktail Black Tea.

I started with a tippy, organic Yunnan Imperial base and added cinnamon, vanilla bean and just a touch of cardamom. Then I added just a touch of rum essence - don't worry, it's non-alcoholic. 

And let me tell you: this tea is SERIOUSLY delicious! 

It has a really pleasant cinnamon tone to it, it's not a spicy cinnamon - the vanilla softens the cinnamon notes. There's a sweet and creamy note to the cup. The rum tastes smooth. The cardamom isn't a particularly strong flavor, instead, it seems to enhance the spice flavor of the cinnamon. There's a lovely buttery tone to the cup too. A really nice cocktail inspired tea that is perfect when it's chilly outside. 

Gluten Free, Allergen Free, Organic & VEGAN!

organic ingredients: yunnan black tea, cinnamon, cardamom, vanilla bean, calendula petals & natural flavors

I'm really loving this tea! 

It's smooth. It's sweet. It's warmly spiced yet smooth. 

Yunnan is one of my favorite black teas and I love how the ingredients of this tea seem to highlight the Yunnan Imperial base. It's so lovely!

The sip starts out with a sweet cinnamon note that is very reminiscent of the sweetness of cinnamon sugar - the stuff you might top your toast with or - dare I say it? - roll your snickerdoodle dough in before you bake it. The cinnamon is apparent, the vanilla perhaps less so but something is there that softens the cinnamon and lends a creaminess to the cup. The rum arrives about mid-sip. A very smooth, silky, caramel-y sort of rum taste without the burn that you might associate with a sip of alcohol. As I continue to sip, I pick up on faint notes of butter which I attribute to the caramel-y notes of the rum. 

Seriously yummy!

to brew: Give the pouch a good shake before you measure as the spices (including the teeny, tiny vanilla beans) like to shift their way to the bottom of the pouch - and the flavor of the tea just isn't the same without those spices! Measure out 3g of leaf to 12 ounces of nearly boiling water (205°F) and allow to steep for 3 minutes. Strain and allow to cool for about 10 minutes for best flavor (the flavor develops as the tea cools). Enjoy!

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