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Tea of the Week for February 11, 2019: PAC-Man Green Tea!

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 PAC-Man Green Tea!

Tea Description: This is a Pear, Apple & Cherry green tea. At first, I thought I'd call it Super PAC green tea, but then I thought better of it because I don't support the idea of Super PACs & it's probably better that I not bring politics into my tea. Then Mat came up with PAC-Man & I liked it. It's a better name than Pear, Apple & Cherry Green Tea plus it fits much nicer on the label. I'll keep my fingers crossed that by using the name, I won't upset the makers of the game & hopefully won't receive a Cease & Desist because this really has nothing to do with a video game character except that he enjoys munching on fruit occasionally & this is a delicious, fruity tea that I'm sure he'd also enjoy if PAC-Man ... you know ... drank tea.

Anyway - about this tea: an organic blend of Chinese Chun Mee & Gunpowder teas blended with Pears, Apples & Cherries. It's sweet. It's juicy. It's a cup of fruity deliciousness! 

It's also all organic, VEGAN, gluten-free & allergen free! 

organic ingredients: green teas, pears, apples, cherries & natural flavors

Really nice! Sure, it's not as fancy or unique as some of our other blends - this is simply pears, apples & cherries - but it is really tasty. The pear is the strongest of the flavors, followed by apple and then cherry. I didn't want too strong a cherry note because I know that cherry can often come off as a cough syrup-y taste. I just wanted the sweet-tartness from the cherry to come through to enhance the pear and apple notes. 

The fresh, slightly nutty notes from the green tea also come through really well. 

A delightful fruity green tea!

to brew: the cherries add a little bit of weight to the measurement, so you might want to take them off your scale so you don't offset the measurement too much with the heavier fruit and then add the cherry back to the tea after you've weighed it. 3g of tea to 12 ounces of hot water (heated to 175°F) and steep for 2 minutes. strain and allow to cool for 5 minutes. enjoy!

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