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Tea of the Week for February 25, 2019: Peanut Butter Cookie Black Tea!

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 Peanut Butter Cookie Black Tea!

Tea Description: OK, when I first decided to do this tea, I must admit that I had to double (and even triple) check to make sure that Frank didn't already create a Peanut Butter Cookie blend because it sounds like something he'd do. He did create quite a few different peanut butter blends so I expected to find this on the list - but I wasn't able to find one. So if he did create the blend, I don't have a record of it and it wasn't recorded on Steepster

Side note (and true story): back when I first noticed Frank creating various peanut butter blends, I avoided them. I didn't think that peanut butter flavored teas would taste good. What's more: I was actually quite repulsed by the idea of peanut butter flavored teas. I thought that peanut butter should be left to sandwiches, cookies and peanut butter cups and should stay as far away from tea as possible. 

Then I actually tried one of Frank's peanut butter teas and I liked it. I really liked it! 

So here I am, sipping on my own peanut butter creation and loving every sip of it: an organic black tea base - a blend of Assam, Ceylon & Yunnan teas - blended with peanut butter cookie essence and a few calendula petals for some color. 

And to those of you out there with a peanut sensitivity: worry not! This tea was created without peanuts. Nope, not one peanut went into the making of this tea! So you can enjoy your peanut butter cookie [tea] without fear! In addition, it's also organic, VEGAN and gluten-free!

organic ingredients: black teas, calendula petals & natural flavors

Yum! This tea is absolutely delish! 

The black tea base is robust & strong, but not so strong that it overpowers the flavors that went into making it. I taste peanut butter cookies - yummy, freshly baked peanut butter cookies! But before we get into the flavors - let's talk about the aroma of this tea because it really is remarkable. 

After brewing and straining the tea into my teacup, I took a whiff of the tea (as I usually do after brewing tea) and it magically transported me (at least in my mind) to my youth - standing in my gramma's kitchen while she was baking her famous peanut butter blossoms. (Well, to ME and my family they were famous, anyway!) That's the smell that is emanating from my teacup at this very moment. Lovely! 

In fact, it smells so lovely that I find it difficult not to start sipping right away, but with this tea, it IS important to wait 10 minutes to allow the flavors to develop. There may be nothing quite like a freshly baked and hot from the oven cookie, but this tea does require some time to let those flavors do their thing. 

So, wait we must. 

And wait . . .

And finally - it's time to taste. 

So good! The immediate flavor that hits the palate is sweet but isn't immediately discernible until another moment later when the peanut butter notes start to come into play. Then I get that beautiful brown sugar-y, caramel-y taste of the lightly browned, baked crisp bottom of the peanut butter cookie. I don't get so much of a "dough" flavor as I get more of a baked peanut butter cookie. (My apologies to those who prefer cookie dough to baked cookies!) 

A rather tasty peanut butter cookie for tea time!

to brew: As with all my brewing "instructions" these are suggestions based upon my own experiences with my tea testing sessions - however, you can feel free to experiment with my times and measurements to find what works just right for you. 

I used 3g of tea (a nice, slightly heaping teaspoon) of tea to 12 ounces of nearly boiling (205°F) water. Steep for 2 1/2 minutes, strain. Allow to cool for 10 minutes. Enjoy!

Since this is a 'cookie' flavored tea, it wouldn't be a bad thing to add a wee bit of sugar or other sweetener to the tea - but just a bit - as cookies are a sugary thing, you know? It will taste more like a cookie with the sugar than without it - but still really tasty without.

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