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Tea of the Week for January 13, 2020: Spiced Orappangele Green Tea!

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Spiced Orappangele Green Tea!

Tea Description: This blend was not part of our poll last year for the Holiday box - but that was due to my own omission - I had several requests for it to be reblended but I forgot to include it on the poll so I decided that I'd include this blend in our Reblend themed box. 

When Frank originally blended it back in 2011, it was called "Mellie's Spiced Orappangele" - named after one of Frank's assistants who suggested the flavor combination. I personally don't know anyone named Mellie, so I omitted that part of the name of the tea & just focused on the "spiced" & the orange & apple - aka the "orappangele" - part of it. 

This is my second time reblending this - the first time I reblended it, it was part of our add-on rewards for our start-up Kickstarter campaign - we reblended it in January 2016. To be completely honest, I don't really remember a lot about that particular time in our history because I was crazy busy trying to get everything accomplished after the take over. I do know that I enjoyed it because I said so here. I know that I also enjoyed the original blend because I said so here - & while I was sorting through reviews to find my past reviews of this tea, I also found this review from SuperStarling over at my old digs (aka SororiTEA Sisters) & she has wonderfully nice things to say about this tea as well. In other words, it's pretty darned good & definitely worthy of a reblend. 

The blend starts with organic Chinese Sencha, to which I added dried oranges & freeze-dried apples, some cinnamon pieces & freshly shaved nutmeg. I really love this blend - it's fruity & sweet but with just enough warm spice to keep it from being too overwhelmingly fruity. It's a nice tea to cozy up to on a cold, wintery day - kind of like it is as i write this description.

It's also VEGAN, organic, gluten-free & allergen-free!

organic ingredients: green tea, apples, oranges, cinnamon, nutmeg & natural flavors

As I alluded to above, I am quite fond of this flavor combination. When I first ordered it back in 2011, I wasn't counting on loving it as much as I do because it just seems a bit too "ordinary" - I suppose. It's not as wild as bacon tea or pancake tea, so it just didn't seem to me to be one of those "I MUST try this flavor" kind of teas. Back then - that was what I usually stuck to purchasing because - well, I was a tea reviewer & I had a lot of tea to review so I tried to stick to the blends that sounded too cool to NOT review. You know? Well, I'm mighty glad that i decided ultimately to order this one back then - because I have loved the flavor combination ever since. 

There's just something about the crisp apple flavor with the bright, tangy orange & the warmth of the cinnamon & the nutmeg - combined with the fresh, smooth taste of the Chinese sencha that just works for me. 

to brew: give the pouch a bit of a shake to make sure you get some fruit & spice along with tea leaves in your measurement. use 2 1/2 grams of tea to 12 ounces of freshly filtered water heated to 175°F & steep for 2 minutes. strain & allow to cool for at least 5 minutes. 

I like this one served both hot or iced. When served hot, it becomes a cozy, comforting cuppa. When served iced, it becomes a refreshing cold drink. Delicious either way. It doesn't need any sweetener & if you're one who prefers a sweeter tea, you should taste before you sweeten as there is some natural sweetness to this one - & too much sweetener will overwhelm the gentle balance to the flavors here.

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