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Tea of the Week for January 27, 2020: Malted ChocoMaté!

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Malted ChocoMaté!

Tea Description: This tea/tisane wasn't even an option when I did the holiday poll last year because I hadn't anticipated working with Yerba Maté just yet - but here we are! This was one of my favorite Maté blends created by Frank because: Chocolate! 

Frank's original description went like this:

I had soooo much fun last week with the malted genmaicha, and after hearing several people ask why we didn’t make it a chocolate malt, I decided we should do a chocolate malt tea this week. Here it is, our Malted ChocoMaté!

This is roasted yerba mate with organic cacao nibs and all natural chocolate and malt flavors. It is one delicious energy kick!

I stuck pretty close to the recipe, except this blend includes cacao shells as well as cacao nibs. It is also my own blend of roasted & green yerba maté - which I like better than straight roasted or straight green. The roasted has a very strong roasted note that I don't really enjoy on it's own & the green has a bit too much of an herbaceous, green-y green taste to it that - again - I don't really enjoy on it's own. But when I blend the two, I have a lighter roasted flavor and a smooth taste that's mellow yet still invigorating. Just the way I like it! 

And it IS invigorating. You don't want to be sipping this one too late at night because you might just be bouncing off the walls. I find that Yerba Maté tends to be even more invigorating for me than coffee - so when you want a serious kick in the sleepy - this is the cuppa you're looking for! 

For a straight up cuppa, my suggested parameters are on the pouch - but here's a special recipe of how I like it best: I start with an extra half a measurement of the leaf - (so instead of 3 grams, I start with 4 1/2 grams to 12 ounces of hot water - heated to 175°F) and steep it for at least 8 minutes. I usually steep for 10 minutes. Then - to the brewed tisane - add about a 1/4 cup of milk that is heated & frothed. This - as a latte - is FAB!

organic ingredients: green yerba maté, roasted yerba maté, cacao nibs, cacao shells & natural flavors

I love this! I have been a big fan of it ever since Frank blended it way back in 2010 - and I think I love it even more now with the slight changes I've made to the recipe (using cacao shells in addition to the nibs & blending the roasted maté with the green maté). When served as a latte (as I described in the above description) - it is a fantastic way to start your day.

to brew: start with 3g of leaf (give the pouch a really good shake before you start because the cacao nibs & shells tend to shift) & steep with 12 ounces of very hot water (175°F) for 8 (plus) minutes. You can steep longer - this will only enhance the flavor - it won't get bitter. Strain & enjoy.

I find that this works well with just a teensy bit of sugar to bring out those chocolate-y tones ... & as I've said a couple of times already - you gotta try it as a latte! 

My next experiment is to try it with some horchata instead of milk!

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