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Tea of the Week for January 6, 2020: Raspberry Almond Cookie Honeybush!

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Raspberry Almond Cookie Honeybush!

Tea Description: Truth be told, this tea won the most votes of all the teas in the poll for the 12 Teas of Christmas poll. I didn't include it in the box because I was out of one of the necessary ingredients - so rather than postpone the box, I decided to reblend it as soon as I possibly could. Since I decided that this month's theme was to be "Reblends" - it seemed like the perfect time to reblend this one. 

This one has been blended a couple of times already - the first time, I blended it back in 2016 & it was reblended for the 2018 Holiday box. It's one of my favorite honeybush blends that I've created & if the poll results are any indicator, it appears that it's the favorite of some of our customers, too!

My previous description for this tea went like this:

This tea was originally crafted as the tea of the week in May, 2016. I did tweak the recipe slightly - I didn't add sunflower seeds this time. This small tweak didn't do much to alter the flavor - it still tastes a lot like an almond shortbread cookie (one of those thumbprint type of cookies) that's been topped with raspberry jam. YUM!

My original description of this tea went like this:

When it comes to my tea flavors, there is usually some sort of inspiration behind it. Quite often, it was a flavor conceived during an afternoon of browsing through Pinterest. (I do like Pinterest!) I don't really recall where I got the idea for a Raspberry Almond Cookie tea - but if I were to place a bet, my bet would be that I found it during a Pinterest browse.

I've never had a raspberry almond cookie. But when I think of "Raspberry Almond Cookie" - my mind evokes a thought of one of those little thumbprint type of cookies, you know, the cookies with a little indentation in the center where you could put a dollop of jam or marmalade? So, imagine that - if you would. A delicate almond shortbread that engulfs a little mound of raspberry jam.

And that's exactly what this tastes like. I taste a good amount of raspberry and almond flavor and even a hint of buttery cookie. This is a naturally caffeine free treat - so it would make for a perfect dessert-y drink that you can enjoy before bedtime without worry that it'll keep you up past your bedtime!

I started with organic honeybush, added lots of freeze-dried raspberries and a touch of almond and butter cookie essence. The nutty flavor of the honeybush plays well to the almond and cookie notes and the bright, tangy flavor of the raspberries adds a really beautiful contrast. So tasty!

I stuck close to the recipe of my reblended batch on this one - I certainly don't feel the need to alter it since it does so well. A blend of organic honeybush, raspberries & a touch of essence to create a sweet, nutty cookie flavor for your teacup. It's VEGAN, caffeine-free, organic, gluten-free & allergen free (Yep, you read that right - no nut products in this one!)

organic ingredients: honeybush, raspberries & natural flavors

I just love this tisane. I know that I've commented in the past that I'm not a big fan of the tisanes - I'd much rather drink camellia sinensis than an herbal tea just about any day. So, I can say with confidence that I'm pretty picky when it comes to the tisanes I create - I want them to have a pleasing flavor for me because I consider myself to be customer #1. If I don't enjoy it, I don't expect you to & I'm not a clever enough salesperson to try to sell something I don't believe in.

I love the way the almond notes & the natural nutty flavor of the honeybush work together to create a very nutty taste. The raspberry adds a bright, tangy note & there is a subtle butter cookie note that ties it all together. It's a lovely dessert-y treat for your teacup that's caffeine-free - so it makes a great guilt-free, late-night snack!

to brew: use 4g of tisane to 12 ounces of freshly filtered water heated to 195°F. allow to steep for at least 8 minutes. it can be steeped even longer for stronger flavor - honeybush does not get bitter from a prolonged steep time! strain & allow to cool for at least 5 minutes after steeping to allow the flavor to develop. enjoy!

I find that I prefer this honeybush with just a teensy bit of sugar - it IS a cookie flavored blend, after all. Those freshly baked cookie notes emerge with just a little sugar (I usually add about 1/2 a teaspoon to my 12 ounce cuppa).

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