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Tea of the Week for July 3, 2017: Tropical Flip Green Tea!

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 Tropical Flip!

Tea Description: It's summer and one thing that goes hand in hand with this time of year (at least for me) is iced tea. Sure, I prefer hot tea and I still drink it daily even in the summer but during the hottest times of the day during the summer months, I generally turn to iced tea for my hydration needs. And while I tend to prefer black teas for my hot tea drinking - especially in the early hours of the day - when I'm drinking iced tea, I find green tea (or white tea) much more refreshing. The light, fresh taste of green tea seems to quench the thirst better for me than black tea does. 

So I decided to make a summer iced tea inspired drink that tastes great iced or hot. I started with a base of organic Chinese green teas - Chun Mee & Gunpowder - and then I added freeze-dried pineapple and bananas and lots of coconut flakes to create a tropical paradise for your taste buds!

This is so delightfully good. 

organic ingredients: green teas, coconut, pineapple, bananas and natural flavors

I taste tested this first hot (as I do with all my teas because first and foremost, I'm a hot tea drinker) and then I cold-brewed up a batch to taste test cold. 

Brewed hot (using 1 heaping tsp to 12 ounces of hot water (175°F) and steeped for 2 1/2 minutes), this is really tasty! I can taste each component - the pineapple and coconut seem pretty fairly balanced in the sip while the banana offers a light undertone of flavor. (Sorry Sil, this isn't going to be one that satisfies your moar banana craving!) 

Drinking it hot like this - this is how I was hoping it would taste. My original inspiration behind this was the pineapple whip type drink you can get at the Magic Kingdom - please note that I've never actually tried this drink but my daughter has informed me that I should try to make something like it - so that was my inspiration. From there, the idea went off in it's on direction. The recipe I found online for the recreation of the drink calls for pineapple, coconut milk and sugar. Instead of the 'milky' flavor, I decided to use banana for the creaminess and I thought it would also lend a nice sweetness in place of the sugar. 

The coconut and pineapple meld together beautifully - this might be closer to a pina coco whip! The banana adds the creaminess and sweetness I was looking for but the banana isn't a strong, profound flavor here. And - of course - let's not forget that we're drinking TEA here - and the flavor of the Chun Mee and Gunpowder does shine through. It has a light vegetative taste - somewhat grassy, somewhat nutty and sweet. 

The three tropical flavors work together very nicely to offer a really pleasing hot beverage, but really, I can't wait to try this one iced! 

Brewed cold (using 2 rounded tsp to a half quart of water and steeping in the fridge for 8 hours) Delicious! The flavor is much more coconut with the cold brew - but the pineapple comes through and is especially noticeable toward the finish. That tart tang of the pineapple tingles on the tongue in the aftertaste. The smooth taste of banana is also present throughout - and I think the banana may be a bit stronger with this cold brew than with the hot cup. 

I think all the flavors are probably better represented in the cold brew! In fact, the flavors are quite strong here and I'm thinking that I probably could have gotten away with slightly less tea leaf in the jar - or I could have diluted this with a little bit of cold, freshly filtered water. I didn't add ice to my glass so that may also be a contributing factor.

Either way it's brewed, this tea is quite lovely!

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