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Tea of the Week for July 8, 2019: The Mad Hatter's Tea!

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The Mad Hatter's Tea!

A Spicy Rum Sour Twist on the Classic Earl Grey Black Tea!

Tea Description: Another obvious choice for this month's theme - I mean, I just HAD to craft a tea for the Mad Hatter, right? For this tea, I combined the flavor profiles of a Spicy Rum Sour cocktail with a cup of Classic Earl Grey. 

I really love how this tea came out. The flavors of a spicy rum sour (ginger, rum & lemon) and the bergamot from the Earl Grey work together very harmoniously. The bergamot is smooth from the rum. The lemon isn't too tart, the ginger isn't too peppery. It's really just a very pleasant cup to sip - so, so smooth and tasty! 

For this blend, I started with an organic blend of Assam, Keemun & Ceylon teas. Then I added cold-pressed oil of bergamot, some lemon myrtle, lemons, ginger root & a touch of rum essence (Don't worry, it's alcohol free!) 

Having taste tested this as both a hot tea and an iced tea, I will say that I do prefer it as an iced tea - but that opinion could be affected by the fact that we've been experiencing some rather *warm* weather and I tend to just prefer my tea iced when the temperatures reach the 80s and higher .  .  . so I'll just say that it's a winner whichever way you choose to serve it.

This delightful addition to our Mad Tea Party tea collection is organic, alcohol-free, allergen-free, gluten-free & VEGAN!

organic ingredients: black teas, cold-pressed oil of bergamot, lemon myrtle, ginger root, lemons & natural flavors

I really like this blend a whole lot more than I expected to. As someone who doesn't really drink a lot of alcoholic beverages, I am always just a little afraid to taste test my cocktail inspired drinks. (And you know I just had to make some sort of cocktail inspired tea for the Mad Hatter because there's no way he's not adding a little something extra to his tea cup!) 

But this came out splendidly! I love the way the spicy rum sour and the bright bergamot play together. It's got that brightness from the citrus fruits, but it isn't too sour (no pucker!). The ginger adds just the right kick to it without too much. The rum is smooth. The black tea base is rich and flavorful. It all just works so well together. 

As I mentioned in the description above, I have taste tested this as both a hot tea and an iced tea. My preference is to drink it iced, but again, that could be heavily influenced by the fact that it's been really warm these last few days and I tend to prefer cold drinks when it's hot. Yeah, I know all that talk about the hot drinks cool you off better than iced drinks but I feel like iced drinks go down much better than do the hot drinks during the warmest days of summer. That said. I do still drink a couple of my daily cuppas hot. They just don't seem to go down as easily as they do when it's cold outside!

Anyway! Whether you prefer it hot or cold - I think that this tea is a definite winner! 

to brew: shake the blend gently to integrate the ingredients. use 3g of tea to 12 ounces of near boiling water (205°F) and steep the tea for 3 minutes. strain and allow to cool for at least 10 minutes before you start sipping. ENJOY!

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