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Tea of the Week for June 17, 2019: Nutty Banana Honeybush!

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 Nutty Banana Honeybush!

Tea Description: This is normally a flavor I would create for cooler weather - it seems kind of autumnal or even winter-ish. But I was in the mood for something comforting, so I went for it. I focused primarily on the nutty aspect of this cup - a stronger walnut flavor that is complimented by the natural nutty tones of the honeybush - and then added some banana and cinnamon to compliment the toasty, slightly sweet, slightly earthy nutty flavors. 

And even though this is - admittedly - a very autumnal tea, I am loving every sip of it!

It makes for a lovely nighttime cup - for something just a little sweet after a meal. It's a very comforting taste - and really, when I'm drinking honeybush, I'm usually looking for something comforting because of it's naturally honeyed sweetness and nutty tones - so these flavors work themselves right in there with what I'm looking for when it comes to honeybush. It tastes like nut, it tastes honey-ish, it has a lovely, light banana note to it. The spice is really delicate. The cinnamon wasn't put there to create a spicy taste at all - but just a little something extra. It offers a hint of contrast and it works wonderfully! This plays out so well - it tastes delicious! 

And, it's also naturally caffeine-free, organic, VEGAN, gluten-free and yes, allergen-free . . . even for those of you who are allergic to nuts. It tastes like nuts - without any nuts!

organic ingredients: honeybush, bananas, cinnamon & natural flavors

As I mentioned in the above description - I was originally thinking something more desserty for this tea, but I decided to cut back on the muffin-y or pastry-like flavors and instead focus on the nut flavors. I wanted something nutty with some banana notes - and that's just what came of this tea. It has a strong, forward walnut note with a lovely banana backnote. As I continue to sip, the banana comes in a bit more - but this is primarily a NUT flavored honeybush . . . all that's missing is the crunch of the walnut!

The cinnamon is quite light - I just wanted a hint of flavor from the spice to warm up the nutty notes a little bit - to cut through just a bit of the sweetness. If you're hunting for the spice, I recommend sipping this hot - the cinnamon comes out a little stronger when it's served hot (but it is still rather subdued). When serving cold-brewed, the cinnamon is more of a whisper of a flavor - just a hint! - but it is there if you pay attention and I really like that whisper of flavor from it that draws your attention for just a moment from the nutty tones.

to brew: I usually use more leaf with a honeybush (or rooibos) blend because these herbals don't provide much in the way of body when compared to tea leaves. So I recommend 4g of tea (and fruit) to 12 ounces of hot water (heated to 195°F) and let steep for at least 8 minutes. You can steep longer - it won't get bitter.

strain and allow to cool for about 5 minutes before you start sipping. Delicious!

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