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Tea of the Week for June 24, 2019: Hakuna Matata Green Tea!

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 Hakuna Matata Green Tea!

Tea Description: "It means no worries ~ for the rest of your days . . . " Yeah, I'm excited about the live action movie coming out. I'm a Disney nerd, what can I say? At 5 or 6, I was the annoying, spoiled rotten little brat who - on a Saturday afternoon - would pester her dad to take me to the movie theatre to watch Bambi or Robin Hood or Aristocats for the 137th time. 

And you know what? I never really outgrew those animated films: I'd gladly watch 'em all again another 137 times. I loved them then, I love them now. The same is true of the newer generation of films like Beauty & The Beast & Lion King. 

I'm as much a sucker for the live action films as well - I watched the live action Beauty & The Beast three times in the theatre before it came out on Vudu and have watched it several more times since. I'm expecting to love the Lion King live action just as much so I crafted this tea in anticipation for the new movie. 

Did you know that there's actually a Disney inspired Hakuna Matata cocktail? There are actually a couple of different recipes online with the same name, but the recipe that inspired this tea includes peach vodka, amaretto, orange juice and mango. To create this tea, I started with an organic blend of green teas -  Chun Mee & Gunpowder  - and added amaretto essence (alcohol free!) peaches, oranges & mangos. 

So yummy! And it's organic, alcohol free, gluten free, VEGAN & allergen free! No worries!

organic ingredients: green teas, peaches, mangos, oranges & natural flavors


One flavor of tea that I'm often hesitate to create is another 'tropical' blend because it seems like everyone has a tropical tea. Oh, I've made several tropical blends, so I don't hesitate that much, I don't hesitate to the point where I just don't create them - but I also look for a little bit of uniqueness when it comes to tropical flavors so that there can be something to differentiate the new flavor from its predecessors.

This is one such blend - the amaretto essence gives this tea a unique almond flavor along with the tropical fruit medley. It's sweet and makes a seriously good iced tea. I cold-brewed this overnight and the flavor is so refreshing - it's light and sweet. Really nice for these hot days!

to brew: use 3g of tea to 12 ounces of hot water (heated to 175°F). steep for 2 minutes. strain. allow to cool for about 5 minutes. enjoy! 

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