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Tea of the Week for March 12, 2018: Cherry Almond Genmaicha!

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 Cherry Almond Genmaicha!

Tea Description:  With the success of the Cherry Almond Gunpowder tea, I thought that another stellar base for this flavor combination would be the naturally nutty, roasty-toasty taste of my organic Genmaicha blend which is infused with Matcha. And now, as I sit here sipping on it, I think I was right!

The Genmaicha is blended with freeze-dried cherries and almond essence (don't worry - this is nut-free!) The cherries have a green dusting on them - let me assure you that this is due to the Matcha in the blend and not because the cherries were part of a science project! 

This blend is light and sweet - evoking thoughts of the coming of spring (even though, as I type this, it's quite chilly outside and the snow from a few days ago is just now melted away). 

Really nice!

organic ingredients: green teas, toasted/popped rice, cherries, calendula petals & natural flavors

This blend is wonderful! As I say in the above description - it's something that brings thoughts of spring. Now, mind you, spring is not my favorite season (I much prefer autumn and winter because - well, because hot tea tastes so much better when it's cold outside!) but I don't hate spring. I don't particularly like the extra pollen in the air - but I do enjoy the spring flowers as the bloom (despite that dreaded pollen). 

But - back to this tea . . . I am really loving it! The flavors are not in your face - I do try to go a little lighter on cherry blends because I know that a heavy cherry flavor can lead to the dreaded "medicinal" taste. Here, while the cherry notes are light, they are not absent - and I'm not detecting any medicinal flavor. The notes of the genmaicha are forward - sweet, slightly grassy with lovely nutty tones that accent the almond flavor. (Don't worry, this is still nut free!) The cherry note hits a few moments after the start of the sip and linger throughout the sip, hitting it's height of flavor in the aftertaste.

A really pleasing genmaicha! Perfect for spring sipping (or any time of the year, really!)

to brew: After giving the blend a good shake to redistribute the ingredients (particular the matcha dust particles!) I measured out 3g of leaf (about a rounded teaspoon) - to 12 ounces of hot water (heated to 175°F) and let it steep for 1 1/2 minutes. This results in a light tasting cuppa - but I still a pleasing amount of cherry and almond notes. After allowing it to cool for about 5 minutes, the flavors develop nicely.

Steeping for 2 minutes will result in a stronger flavor. 

This one resteeps nicely!

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