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Tea of the Week for March 19, 2018: Mos Splash Honeybush!

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 Mos Splash Honeybush!

Tea Description: Don't try to read too much into the name of this tea - because there really isn't anything terribly clever about it, nor is there an actual "Mo" behind the splash. I started with the idea of a fruity blend, and originally I had decided to call it "Spring Splash" to to commemorate the first day of spring. But then I thought - Spring Splash is a generic enough name that I could use that for something else sometime when I can't think of a name for a tea - so I decided instead to go with the fruits I used: Mango, Orange & Strawberry. Mango - Orange - Strawberry. MOS ... or Mos. 

See, I told you there wasn't anything terribly clever about it. No grand story or interesting antidote to go along with the name of the tea. It's just me overthinking the name of a tea . . . again.

So while the name isn't particularly clever or interesting - I think you're gonna love this tisane!

It starts with an organic honeybush that's then blended with lots of fruit flavor . . . as you may have guessed, those flavors are mango, orange and strawberry. That's it. Simple, fruity and delicious. And perfect for spring because when I opened the tin of this blended tea to test it, it reminded me of the smell you might experience when opening a bag of jelly beans which are about my favorite thing about this particular time of year. JELLY BEANS! 

This tea is better than jelly beans though, because - zero calories - just yummy, sweet fruit flavor. 

Happy Spring, everyone!

organic ingredients: honeybush, mangos, oranges, strawberries & natural flavors

Oh, yummy! I am rather fond of delicious fruitiness - and this cuppa has got it! It's sweet, fruity, a little bit tart, juicy tasting and really very tasty!

The honeybush isn't a dominant flavor here, but I can taste the sweet honey and nut flavor of it. It's kind of a low to mid note - allowing the bright, sweet-tart flavors of mango, orange and strawberry to shine through. 

I don't know if I taste one fruit flavor over the others or if even I'm able to pick out the strawberry from the mango or the orange. It's more like a medley or a 'fruit punch' kind of taste that has all the fruit notes but they're blended through so it doesn't taste distinctly mango or orange or strawberry. It just tastes sweet, fruity and refreshing.

I like it.

brewing: I recommend a little more leaf than a typical cuppa because honeybush tends to have a thinner flavor than camellia sinensis, so for a stronger, fuller flavor, a little more leaf is needed. So get at least 3 1/2 grams of the honeybush leaf and then add a chunk or two (or three!) of the fruit into the measurement if you want. I usually go with at least 4g of leaf and not more than 5g of leaf to 12 ounces of hot water (195°F) and let it steep for at least 8 minutes. Go longer if you want - this won't get bitter on you!

No sugar needed for this sweet, fruity treat - but if you like to add a little bit of sweetener, taste before you sweeten so you don't overdo it!

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