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Tea of the Week for May 13, 2019: Cherry Lime Cola Green Tea!

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 Cherry Lime Cola Green Tea!

Tea Description: Up to this point, most of our cola flavored teas have had a black tea base, so I wanted to do something with a green tea base ... & I didn't want to do just plain cola. I wanted to go a little unusual  ... which is kind of the usual route for us here at 52Teas, so would it be said, then, that our usual is the unusual? So it's unusual when we do something other tea companies would consider usual? 

OK, I'm way overthinking this. 

I started with a base of Yun Wu & Chun Mee (both organic) & added some cola essence. Then I added some limes (as well as some lime leaves & lemongrass) & some freeze-dried cherries. The idea was not to go overly lime or cherry, but to have them strong enough so that they're there so that with each sip, you can taste the cola, the lime & the cherry - as well as the green tea. 

This is REALLY good - and it is perfect for summertime (in other words, it tastes FANTASTIC cold-brewed & served over ice!) And - as usual: it's organic, VEGAN, gluten-free & allergen-free!

organic ingredients: green teas, lemon grass, lime leaves, dried lime wedges, freeze-dried cherries & natural flavors

I have tried this both hot & cold. It was pretty good hot, but it really shines as an iced tea. Then again, cola should be served ice cold, shouldn't it? I haven't met anyone that prefers their colas served hot. In fact, the word "cola" sounds like it should be cold, doesn't it?

Anyway, I recommend highly serving this one chilled. 

It's got a nice pop of citrus-y tang from the lime. But not too much because the sweeter notes from the cola soften that just so. The cola flavor is sweet but not as syrupy as your typical soda. The cherry is not a strong (nor medicinal) flavor but it's definitely there. I'm really enjoying the balance of flavors here. 

to brew: shake this one. There is lemon grass, there is lime leaves and there are tea leaves amongst the tiny wedges of dried lime and bits of freeze-dried cherry - both whole and broken into bits - in this blend and sometimes these things like to separate a bit. You want a good representation of all ingredients in your measurement, so give the pouch a good, gentle shake to redistribute the settled bits.

use 3g of leaf to 12 ounces of fresh, filtered water heated to 175°F & steep for 2 minutes. strain and allow to cool for at least 5 minutes to drink as a hot beverage. To serve chilled, brew in the same way & store in the fridge until completely chilled & enjoy. 

Sugar isn't needed - but it will make the cola flavors pop a little more than they would without the sweetener.

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