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Tea of the Week for May 14, 2018: ​She's a Peach! (Green Tea)

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 She's a Peach! 

Tea Description: My newest "Prince Tribute" tea - which I should have actually released as a June tea to correspond with his birthday (June 7) but my inventory required a last minute shuffle of what teas I'd make for this month so I needed to change things around a bit and make this one for this month instead.

My first (and only other) Prince Tribute tea was "When Doves Cry" - which was a white tea blended with Apricot and Vanilla and included candied violets as an ingredient - was really quite an expensive blend (to date, my most expensive blend) because of those candied violets (they're pricey!) so this time around, I wanted to make something that was a little more affordable. This one is not quite as fancy, but it is quite tasty!

The idea behind the blend is a mint peach lemonade but I didn't want to kick it in full-on lemonade mode because I've done a few lemon teas lately - so the lemon here is really delicate - like an accent flavor. I also did not want the mint to overpower the peach - and I think that I managed to achieve what I set out to do with this blend.

I started with organic Chinese Sencha and added spearmint, freeze-dried peaches and lemon balm. It's sweet, it's peachy, it has a lovely mint note that isn't overpowering and balances itself well with the juicy peach notes. A really smooth, refreshing cuppa for summer that tastes really nice as a hot tea, but even better as an iced tea!

organic ingredients: green tea, spearmint, peaches, lemon balm & natural flavors

I really like this! 

The flavors start out really softly - but as I continue to sip, the notes of peach, mint and lemon develop on my palate really nicely.

The first flavor that I notice is the green tea - it's soft and buttery and has a slight grassy taste. I think my first sip was mostly green tea and very little flavor - I might have picked up on a little peach and a little mint and lemon in the aftertaste but that was about it. I was a little worried that this tea hadn't worked out for some reason! But then with the second and third sip, I started to pick out the flavors more. 

And now that I'm nearly finished with my cup - the tea is a medley of all its parts: peach, lemon, mint & green tea. The green tea greets the tongue at the very start of the sip, followed immediately by a crisp mint note that almost as quickly moves aside to make room for the peach. The lemon pops near the end of the sip - just a hint of brightness that's not sour or really tart, but just bright - with a wee bit of tart tingly lemon dancing on the palate and the insides of the cheeks during the aftertaste. 

Very smooth and sweet!

I made a second cup to see how it would fair as an iced tea because that season is upon us, isn't it? As much as I enjoyed this as a hot tea (and I did! It makes for a delicious, soothing and refreshing hot cup of tea), I like it even better iced. It's deliciously peachy with lovely hints of mint and lemon - cool, crisp and uplifting!

to brew: shake the pouch before measuring because the lemon balm and spearmint will settle to the bottom of the pouch - and those are important ingredients to the overall taste of the brewed cup! After incorporating the ingredients well, measure out 3g of tea for 12 ounces of hot water (175°F) and let steep for 2 minutes. strain and enjoy. 

The tea is delicious unsweetened, but I find that the flavors are not as defined when left unsweetened. The flavors of peach, mint and lemon pop just a little more when a teensy bit of sugar or honey is added - but don't overdo it - just a little bit of sweetener will bring the cup to life for you!

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