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Tea of the Week for May 6, 2019: Brûlée for Breakfast?!? (Black Tea)

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 Brûlée for Breakfast?!? (Black Tea)

Tea Description: One of my suppliers recently sent me a sample of one of their newer offerings - a new, organic CTC (finely chopped) English Breakfast blend comprised of Assam, Ceylon & Indonesian black tea leaves. While I found myself slightly discouraged by the chop of the leaves - I was inspired by the hearty, robust flavor once I started sipping. It's rich, flavorful and packs a powerful punch. 

I knew that I would have a hard time blending fruit flavors with this particular blend because the strength of the tea would compete (and win) with some of the delicate notes of the fruit. Instead, I went with a creamy note: Crème Brûlée to be specific. I didn't expect to find a clear crème brûlée flavor to the cup because - as I say - the strength of the tea would outshine the more nuanced flavors of my favorite dessert. But I am getting the creaminess of the baked custard, a touch of vanilla and some of those bittersweet notes of burnt sugar together with the vigorous flavor of rich, malty black tea. It's really quite a lovely tea - and it's a good way to enjoy the flavors of crème brûlée for breakfast! 

As with all our teas, this is gluten-free, VEGAN, allergen-free. It's also all organic!

organic ingredients: ctc black teas, calendula petals, vanilla beans & natural flavors

Oh yeah! This is good stuff!

As I mentioned in the description above, I absolutely fell in love with this CTC English Breakfast Blend as soon as I tasted it - I loved it for its bold, in your face flavor and I knew that I wanted to do something with the tea. But what? I first considered going with some stronger fruit flavors (and I'm still considering it for future blends) but I wasn't sure what fruit flavors to go with. So I decided I'd start with some creamier flavors because even though vanilla/cream can be incredibly nuanced with lots of delicate notes, I also felt confident that the maltiness of this tea would play well to those creamy flavors so even if it doesn't taste precisely like vanilla crème brûlée from your favorite restaurant, it tastes a bit like a black tea flavored crème brûlée - like someone made crème brûlée with black tea. 

And I like that idea a whole lot. 

This blend is super yummy. A good, strong base with lots of creamy notes as well as a satisfying burnt sugar note. Really, really good.

to brew: go a little lighter on the leaves with this one because the leaves are cut/chopped so small, they take up more room in the measuring vessel AND there's more surface area exposed to the hot water so it will brew up a lot stronger than the typical larger leaf. Instead of the usual 3g of tea leaves, I recommend just 2 1/2 grams (after a good shake to make sure you get some vanilla beans in the measurement) to 12 ounces of near boiling water (205°F) and allow to steep 2 to 2 1/2 minutes. 

I like this best with just a little bit of sugar (about 1/2 a teaspoon) because it helps to emphasize the sweeter notes of the dessert-y flavors. It also helps take the edge off the tea a bit. It is EXCELLENT served latte style!

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