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Tea of the Week for May 7, 2018: Ginger Mint Julep with a Twist of Lime Black Tea!

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 Ginger Mint Julep with a Twist of Lime Black Tea!

Tea Description: One day while web surfing, I came across a recipe for a Ginger Mint Julep. I'm not sure why the recipe intrigued me, but it did. When I find an intriguing recipe, inevitably I have this thought: How would that translate into tea? Yes, I am a tea geek.

So, I drafted a recipe and decided that I must make this for the first week of May because . . . Kentucky Derby!

I started with my usual blend of black teas: Assam, Yunnan and Ceylon. As I blended these teas, I decided more Yunnan was needed - so I went heavy on the Yunnan for this particular blend. Then I added bourbon essence, some spearmint and ginger root. Some crystallized ginger was also added because to make a Mint Julep, simple syrup is added. Since I can't add simple syrup to my tea without making a mess and basically ruining the tea - I decided that the sugar of the crystallized ginger would take the place of the simple syrup without destroying that which I have created.

As I was blending together these ingredients, I thought: Wow, this smells amazing and I can't wait to try it. Then the Mad Tea Artist in me said: But wait, I have an idea! What this blend needs is something bright and citrusy. It needs lime. 

So, I added some lime and a few dried lime leaves. 

And wowza! I'm loving this tea! Imagine the Mad Tea Party watching the Kentucky Derby in a lime grove. 

Fabulous hot - even better cold brewed and served chilled!

organic ingredients: black teas, spearmint, lime leaves, ginger root, crystallized ginger (sugar & ginger), limes & natural flavors

As I've admitted to on more than one occasion, I'm not really much of a drinker. I consider myself a TEA-totaler - maybe consuming alcoholic beverages two or three times a year . . . if that. So I can't say this tastes like a Mint Julep because I've never tasted one, nor have I ever tasted a Ginger Mint Julep. But what I can say is that as I sip on this tea, I taste notes of bourbon and the crispness of spearmint, a subtle peppery note from the ginger and a bright sweet-tart note from the twist of lime. And I like what I'm tasting!

This is sweet and smooth, crisp and refreshing and pleasant to drink. It isn't too sweet. It isn't too fruity. It isn't too tart from the citrus and it isn't too spicy from the ginger. It's a really enjoyable, well-rounded medley of all the flavors in one sip. 

to brew: shake the pouch gently before opening. you really should turn the pouch upside down and gently shake it to ensure that the ingredients are well-incorporated. The spearmint and lime leaves tend to settle at the bottom of the pouch and those ingredients are an essential part of this blend! measure 3.5g of tea (a heaping teaspoon) to 12 ounces of near boiling (205°F) water. steep for 3 minutes, strain. allow to cool for at least 10 minutes. This tea is spectacular iced! 

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