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Tea of the Week for October 15, 2018: Pumpkin Pasty Honeybush/Rooibos Blend!

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Pumpkin Pasty Honeybush/Rooibos Blend!

Tea Description: What is a Pumpkin Pasty? When I looked it up, I found out that they're supposed to be similar to a Cornish Pasty, but filled with pumpkin instead of meat and vegetables. Personally, I've never heard of a Cornish Pasty, and the only time I've heard of Pumpkin Pasty is when it was mentioned in Harry Potter. Hey, the only time I've been outside of the United States is that time I visited Tijuana, and what happened there . . . stays there.

So the best I've been able to guess - a pumpkin pasty is something like a pumpkin pie - only, like a handheld pie, where the pumpkin filling is encased in pastry. That suggests to me that I needed to amp up the pastry notes just a bit on this because it's supposed to have more pastry than the average pumpkin pie. I also chose a base that might help in that department - the naturally nutty notes of the honeybush and rooibos play well to the added pastry essence. 

And of course, there is to be pumpkin! A sweet, smooth pumpkin-y note, brought on by chunks of dried organic pumpkin. And spice - because every pumpkin deserves a touch of spice! I didn't go very heavy on the spice, because I wanted the pastry and pumpkin to shine through - but I did add some ginger, cinnamon and cloves to give this a warm flavor.

So, even though I've never actually tasted a Pumpkin Pasty, this tea tastes to me a lot like what I'd expect from such a thing. I think that nice lady from the trolley on the Hogwarts Express would approve!

And it is - of course - VEGAN, gluten free, allergen free, caffeine free and all organic!

organic ingredients: honeybush, rooibos, pumpkin, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, calendula petals & natural flavors

I've made quite a few pumpkin-y teas in the past three years and yes, I'll admit that I've enjoyed some more than others. This one though: This. Is. So. Good!

As this is October, I knew that I had to do at least ONE pumpkin tea this month and when I decided that this month shall be Harry Potter month, I knew that the pumpkin tea that I'd be making would be a Pumpkin Pasty blend. I have done a Pumpkin Juice tea previously - and it was a pretty big hit - but unfortunately, I didn't have the tea base that I'd need to reblend that so I needed to think of something else pumpkin. When I think of Pumpkin and Harry Potter, the only other things I can think of (other than pumpkin pasty and pumpkin juice) is how the great hall is decorated in lots of jack-o-lanterns on Halloween and that Hagrid had a pumpkin patch outside his hut in Goblet of Fire. I know that there are probably other references to pumpkins within the pages of Harry Potter but these are what immediately come to mind.

So, Pumpkin Pasty it is! And even though I've never actually tasted a pumpkin pasty, this tastes like what I'd imagine a pumpkin pasty to taste like: sweet pumpkin-y notes, notes of buttery pastry, and warm spicy notes from ginger, cinnamon and clove. Yummy!

to brew: because this is a tisane, you should use a little more leaf than you'd use with tea leaves. I recommend using 4.5g of leaf (after shaking the pouch first to ensure that all the ingredients are well-incorporated) to 12 ounces of hot (195°F) water. steep for at least 8 minutes. you can steep longer if you want to, it won't get bitter. strain and allow to cool for at least 5 minutes - this gives the flavor some time to develop. 

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