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The 10th TEA of Christmas is . . .

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Mango Sticky Rice Genmaicha!

Tea Description: This blend was one of my early original tea creations - I crafted it back in February 2016! I reblended it again earlier this year (back in January) - and I'm proud to say that this tea was the top vote-getter by an overwhelming margin! (I love it when it's my creations earning their place there!) 

My previous description of this tea - which includes my original description of this tea - goes like this: 

I first created this as a tea of the week for February 2016 (Wow, it's already been 3 years!) & I'm happy to be bringing it back (for a limited time). Since that time, my favorite Thai food restaurant has changed - as well as my favorite Thai entree - but I haven't changed the recipe for this blend. But since I have changed favorite Thai restaurants, I decided that more research was necessary - so we stopped in, enjoyed our favorite Crying Tiger dish & ordered some Mango Sticky Rice for dessert.

My original description says:

I love the Mango Sticky Rice dessert that is offered in my favorite Thai food restaurant. It reminds me a bit of rice pudding but with coconut and mango and even just a hint of caramelized flavor to it. So I decided pretty early on when Frank approached me about taking over 52Teas that I would need to create a Mango Sticky Rice dessert in tea form - and really, what base is more perfect than a Matcha infused Genmaicha base? I love the hint of creamy texture that the Matcha adds to this and the popped rice not only adds a hint of nutty rice flavor but also accentuates the touch of caramel flavor that I added to this blend.

This has the flavor of mango sticky rice but not the calories! YUM!

It's been a while since I've had some of the original batch of this tea - but this tastes very much like I remember that original batch tasting! So sweet and creamy with just the right touch of tangy mango in the aftertaste. Organic, VEGAN & gluten-free!

This is every bit as good as I remember it being - perhaps even better! I'm not sure how that works, but I'm finding it even better than I remember it being, anyway. Maybe it's just because I've had a craving for a genmaicha today and this fits that bill perfectly. Anyway, here it is - it's organic, it's VEGAN, it's gluten-free & allergen-free and it's oh-so-good!

organic ingredients: green tea, popped rice, freeze-dried mango, toasted coconut, toasted sesame seeds and all-natural flavors

I just love this tea. I know I've probably said that so many times you're probably tired of reading it - but what can I say? I love tea. 

And this tea is fantastic. There is a lovely balance between the mango and the creamy, custardy flavor. The genmaicha provides a lovely toasty rice flavor which is further accentuated with the toasted sesame seeds. (Do be sure to give the pouch a really good shake each time you measure out this tea to make sure you get some sesame seeds in your measurement - those little guys like to sift their way to the bottom of the pouch!) The coconut flavors play to the creamy flavors here. It's just a really yummy cuppa.

With this tasting, I steeped it closer to 2 1/2 minutes than the usual 2 minutes, and I gotta say that I like it better at 2 1/2 minutes. So I changed my steeping parameters this time around!

to brew: shake the pouch well - as I said above, those little sesame seeds like to sort their way to the bottom of the pouch - and I find that they really help enhance the nutty, toasty rice flavor. measure out 3g of tea to 12 ounces of very hot water (175°F), allow to steep for 2 1/2 minutes. strain. allow to cool for 5 minutes. enjoy.

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