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Cherry Lime Rickey Green Rooibos - Taster


Cherry Lime Rickey Green Rooibos - Taster


Product Description

Tea of the Week for June 14, 2021!

The small town I grew up in used to have an Arctic Circle restaurant - I haven't been back there for nearly 30 years now so I have no idea if Arctic Circle is still there. It was this restaurant that I gained an appreciation for lime. They had an amazing lime drink called lime squeeze. Since then, I've discovered Sonic and the Cherry Lime Rickey which isn't as amazing as the lime squeeze - one of these days, I'll have to figure out the best way to interpret the lime squeeze in tea form.

Until then, I have interpreted the Cherry Lime Rickey - which is my favorite beverage from Sonic. But, I must admit - it's been AGES since I've last had a Cherry Lime Rickey. I'm not particularly fond of the food from Sonic & I don't really feel the need for visiting Sonic for a Cherry Lime Rickey when I could have something I like even better: iced tea at home. 

This blend starts with fresh green rooibos - which, if you're not familiar with green rooibos (but are familiar with red rooibos) green rooibos is the unoxidized rooibos leaf. (Red rooibos is the oxidized rooibos leaf.) Green rooibos is lighter than red rooibos & has a somewhat fruity characteristic, making it the ideal choice when creating fruity blends like this. 

To the green rooibos, I added some lemongrass, dried lime wedges & freeze-dried cherries. Then I added just a touch of essence to give it a soda-like note. 

Mind you, this is my interpretation of a Cherry Lime Rickey but if I'm totally honest with you - I like this better than the sugar-heavy Cherry Lime Rickey. This is more refreshing - lovely, bright lime notes, hints of soda sweetness & subtle notes of cherry. Perfect for these hot summer days (because this tastes AMAZING iced!) It's also naturally caffeine free, VEGAN, gluten free, allergen friendly and organic!

Taster size is approximately 15g

organic ingredients: green rooibos, lemongrass, limes, cherries & natural flavors


As I mentioned above, I haven't had a Cherry Lime Rickey from Sonic for quite some time. It's been even longer since I've had a lime squeeze from Arctic Circle (the closest Arctic Circle is about half a day's drive away - or longer!) 

But this, this is right here in my pantry (for the time being, anyway). It's light, refreshing - with just the right balance of sweet notes to tart notes. It has a lot of the flavor of a soda without the heavy sugary feeling of a soda. 

It's more lime than it is cherry - which I also like because cherry can sometimes taste medicinal. This tastes fruity & sweet. It's delightful!

to brew: I recommend giving the pouch a gentle shake before you measure it out to make sure the ingredients are well-incorporated. Use 4g of leaf & fruit to 12 oz of very hot water (190°F) & steep for 8 - 10 minutes. Longer if you like! I steeped my first taste test of this tea for 9 minutes & for the second taste test, I steeped it for 12 minutes. I preferred the 12 minute steep - but both were delicious. (Note: these were two separate taste tests, not a resteeping of the leaves.)

sweeten if you like. It tastes good without sweetener, but I found that with just a little bit of sugar added, it tasted more like the soda that inspired it. This tastes good served hot, but I prefer it iced (because soda tastes better cold!)


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