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Christmas IS Coming!

Christmas is Coming!

Sorry for that reminder - but we here at 52Teas need to keep on top of it because it's our busiest time of year! We've been busily working on special 'advent calendars' that help you count down the 12 Days of Christmas - with TEA!!!

Because really, the only thing that's more exciting than that holiday countdown is to count down the days with TEA! I mean, seriously, what could be better than that?

Nothing. Nothing is better than that!

Last year, I got some flack for my long-winded introduction to the box, so this year, I'm going to make this short and sweet for those of you who just want to order your box. If you want to read my long-winded info-mercial, please scroll down to read more about the boxes.

Our special pre-order price includes shipping (to the same address) for 1, 2 or 3 boxes. If you need to order more than 3 boxes, please contact us and let us know and we'll set up a special payment option for you. If you are shipping several boxes with each going to a different address, please process each box separately as a 1 box option and include the shipping information on the paypal form.

To Order Your 12 Teas of Christmas Box now:


For our US Customers: 


12 Teas of Christmas Box - How many would you like to order?


For our Canadian Customers:


12 Teas of Christmas Box - How many would you like to order?


For our International Customers:


12 Teas of Christmas Box - How many would you like to order?



Please note: These buttons will take you directly to the paypal website to process payment. Because these are pre-orders, they are not set up to be paid for with other items in your shopping cart. If you wish to make a shopping cart purchase in addition to your pre-order, please be advised that they require two separate transactions. We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience this may cause.



To Learn More about the 12 Teas of Christmas Box . . . Keep reading!



What is the 12 Teas of Christmas box? It's our annual Christmas box of teas. The box is a festive, decorative box (doesn't need wrapping!) that comes complete with a gift tag for gift giving. All you need to do is fill out the tag and put it under the tree (or, you might want to give it to the recipient a little early because we here at 52Teas start the 12 Teas of Christmas countdown on December 14 and end on Christmas Day with a very special tea!) 

This box makes a great gift for the tea lover on your gift giving list - even if that tea lover is you! *Especially if it's you!*  

Also, if you're having us ship this box to your recipient, just let us know and we can fill out the gift tag for you and ship it out. Just contact us with the necessary information: who is it to, who is it from and a brief message, if you'd like.


Which Teas will be included in the 12 Teas of Christmas box? Earlier this year, we conducted a poll where you could vote on teas that you'd like to have reblended and be featured as part of the 12 Teas of Christmas box. Eight of the teas with the highest number of votes will be part of this special holiday box - and FOUR new teas will also be featured in the box. Twelve teas in all - 12 Teas of Christmas!


There will be a variety of tea bases - and I guess I can tell you this without giving too much of the surprise away: there will be some black teas, some green teas, an Oolong tea and a couple of caffeine-free tisanes.

Each box will feature a 12g pouch of each of those twelve teas, enough for 3 or 4 cups of tea depending upon how much leaf you like to use for your cuppa.


What's the Rush? Christmas isn't for another FOUR months! That's true! However, we need to have these teas ready to ship by the beginning of November so that our International customers can receive their box before the December 14th countdown date! Last year, we sent the boxes out mid-to-late November and a few of our Canadian customers did not receive the box until a few days after that countdown date and we want to avoid that happening again - so this year, we will be shipping out the International/Canadian boxes by November 10th and the boxes to be shipped domestically will be shipped by November 15th to avoid this happening again. 

That's about a month and a half before the holiday, and we actually need to order the ingredients and prepare the teas - so that's why we're pre-selling the boxes now so that we can order everything that we need to start crafting the teas - all our teas are handcrafted in small batches - and start shipping them out!

Please note: We will be making ONLY a LIMITED NUMBER of these boxes this year - and once they're sold, it will be sold-out and we won't be making more. We must do this because we need to ensure that the boxes go out on time - so please don't delay with your order if you want one of these wonderful boxes!!!

I'd rather use another payment option (other than PayPal). As some of you may have noticed, I've recently started up a new payment option (Amazon Payments), however, at this time, I'm not ready to set up payments for the holiday box through Amazon. If you need another payment option, I can accept US money orders or personal checks (US banks only, please). If you need to utilize this option, please contact me and we can work it out.