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Explore The World With Us (Green Tea/Green Rooibos blend)


Explore The World With Us (Green Tea/Green Rooibos blend)


Product Description

A Very Important Tea (VIT) for a VIP (Very Important Pair)!

When a dear friend of mine (and a very special customer from our Page of Awesomeness) wrote to me and asked me to create a tea for her proposal to her significant other, I was thrilled and tremendously honored that she would ask me to create something that would be part of such a momentous milestone in her life. 

So we went into some of the overall details of her tea concept. She wanted a tea that would be representative of six continents - as she wanted to invite him to explore the world with her! What a lovely concept! Since Antarctica isn't really a place many people visit (or grow things!) she didn't include all seven continents.

Fortunately, because tea is such a global product, this wouldn't be too difficult a task.  

Then she got into some specific details: because Dragon Well is a favorite of both of them, she wanted it to be included in the blend. She also wanted a jasmine tea to be part of the blend.

So we had the continent of Asia represented!

For the continent of Africa, I added some green rooibos. From the continent of Europe, I added some green tea from Portugal and from the continent of Oceania, I added some green tea from New Zealand.

For the American continents, we have our additions: the continent of North America is represented by big, juicy blackberries and for the continent of South America, we have cacao nibs & shells. Finally, the chocolate chips represent both American continents: the cacao was grown in South America, but they were produced in North America. 

So there we have it: this is a green tea/green rooibos blend featuring Dragon Well and Jasmine teas from China, Young Hysson from Portugal and green tea from New Zealand, green rooibos from South Africa - and this base is blended with blackberries and chocolate. This is no ordinary blend - specially crafted with love and respect for two very special people!

And of course, this blend was crafted with our basic values intact: it's VEGAN, gluten free & allergen free!

Each pouch is approximately 25g

ingredients: green teas & chocolate chips (cacao & sugar)

organic ingredients: green teas, green rooibos, blackberries, cacao nibs & shells & natural flavors

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