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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes!  We can ship to virtually any address in the world. Note that there are restrictions on some products, and some products cannot be shipped to international destinations.


We offer a flat rate on shipping:  


  • $4.50 for any order within the United States and FREE SHIPPING for orders over $60 dollars.
  • $20.00 for all Canadian orders and FREE SHIPPING on orders over $115 dollars.
  • $28 for anywhere else in the world and FREE SHIPPING on orders over $140 dollars. 

We do our best to keep the shipping as low as possible for our customers, however, we insist that packages are now shipped either via USPS First Class or USPS Priority Mail (for packages that weigh over 1 lb.) because we have been very dissatisfied with the General Delivery option that we utilized in the past.  

Please note, we do not wish to overcharge our customers for shipping charges.  That's not how we do business.  Unfortunately, the cost of shipping - especially internationally - is expensive and there's just no getting around that.  We wouldn't be doing business very long if we were losing money with every international shipment.  If, after we calculate your actual shipping charges and the actual charge is a dollar or more than what you were charged for shipping, we will refund the difference via Paypal.   


Your shipping charges have increased. Why?

Unfortunately, USPS recently increased their charges. We have kept our shipping rates the same (despite annual increases from USPS) from 2015 - 2019 but due to the increase in January 2019, we had to increase our rates slightly to accommodate the increase. We had to raise the rates again in December 2020 due to another increase in rates.


When will my order ship?

We ship on the following days: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday. In most cases, your order will be shipped within 24 - 48 hours after your order has been placed. Weekend orders will be shipped on the Monday that immediately follows. US shipments will receive an email from our shipping program that will include tracking information. Canadian and International residents, if you do not receive an email from our shipping program, please contact us for the tracking information.


How do I contact 52Teas if I have a question?

Click here for our contact us page. 


How soon will you get back to me?

I do my best to reply to any questions, comments or issues as soon as possible and in most cases, within hours. I will do my best to get a reply out within 24 hours of all inquiries. Please note that we are not in the office on Tuesdays, so any inquiries made on Tuesdays will probably not get a reply until late in the evening on Tuesday, or at the very latest, sometime on Wednesday. 

Please note: we respond to customers or prospective customers only. We generally won't respond to vendor inquiries or solicitations. Also please be aware that we are not able to respond to sample requests at this time.

What is your returns policy?

Because we sell food products, we are not able to accept returns.

  • If you received the wrong item, please contact us and let us know! We will make things right!
  • We believe in keeping our customers happy! If you're not satisfied with your purchase from 52Teas, please fill out this form and let us know how we can make it right! We may not be able to accept returns but we will work with you! We want you to be happy with your teas from 52Teas! 

When do you post your new tea of the week?

We try to post our new tea of the week on Mondays - sometimes we are late. At the beginning of the month, we generally hold off on posting the newest tea of the week to ensure that at least most of our subscribers have received their subscription box. 

Are your products Vegan?

Yes!  Every ingredient that goes into a 52Teas blend is vegan.

Are your products Organic?

We make every effort to utilize all organic ingredients; however, some ingredients are conventionally grown. Most of our teas are organically sourced, all of our herbs and spices are organically grown, most of our fruit additions are organically grown and all of our natural flavorings are organic. 

Are your teas allergen free?

Yes!  Our teas are free of peanuts and tree-nuts.  Even the teas that are peanut butter flavored or other tree nut flavored are allergen free!  You read that correctly!  Those teas are the perfect way for someone who is allergic to tree nuts to enjoy the flavors they must avoid without worry.

The one exception to this is coconut.  I was recently informed that coconut is considered a 'tree nut' and some of our teas do contain coconut.  Not all of them, but some will contain coconut and all the teas will be processed in a facility that utilizes coconut.  

Are your teas Gluten-Free?

I strive to select gluten-free products as ingredients in all our teas. As I say that, I must also confess that I'm not a gluten expert and have been learning more about products that I wouldn't think of as containing gluten that might. At this time, I believe all our teas EXCEPT those that contain the "imitation bacon bits" (vegan bacon bits) are gluten free. I don't know if the vegan bacon bits are gluten free. Further, any teas containing barley are not gluten free.

Do you carry any decaffeinated teas?

We carry some caffeine-free teas.  In most cases the caffeine-free tisanes have a honeybush or rooibos base.  At the current time, we do not carry any decaffeinated teas.  

The reason for this is that I haven't yet found a source for a decaffeinated tea that I actually like, but if I do find a decaffeinated tea that I like to utilize as a base for our teas, then I will do my best to offer some of our more popular selections as decaffeinated choices.

Again, before I can say with any certainty that this will happen, I will need to first locate a good source for a decaffeinated tea that I not just like but I love enough to drink it regularly. I have had some bad experiences with decaffeinated teas but mostly what I've had are ho-hum experiences with decaffeinated teas. I've only had a few decaffeinated tea experiences where I actually thought, "Wow, are you sure this is decaffeinated tea?" That's the tea I want to use as my decaffeinated tea base!

The product description says that the pouches are "approximately" 15g (or 25g or 50g).  What do you mean by "approximately"? 

Each of the tea pouches that we sell are measured out by hand - measured by humans - and then weighed on a kitchen scale that is probably off when it comes to calibration.  (Not intentional!)  To make things worse, the humans weighing out the tea are pretty technologically-impared.  Please know that we aren't trying to reduce the amount of tea that you receive.  Sometimes the pouches are slightly over the 15g (or 50g or whatever) and sometimes they're slightly under. That's the reason for the "approximate". If, when you receive your order, the pouch is significantly under the weight that it should be, please contact us and we'll work with you to make things right.  

PLEASE NOTE:  All teas crafted for sale after June 1, 2016 are measured via the metric system. 


Frequently Asked Questions About Subscriptions


I just subscribed! When can I expect my first shipment?

Subscription shipments depend upon the day that you subscribe. Our cutoff for subscriptions is the last day of the month. All subscriptions that are paid by the last day of the month will ship the following month. In other words, if you subscribe on June 10, your first subscription package will ship in July. If you subscribe on June 30, your first subscription package will ship in July. If you subscribe on or after July 1, your first subscription package will ship in August.  

Right now, subscriptions are shipping out around the 20th of every month. We make every effort to try to ship before the 20th of every month; however, our teas are blended and flavored by hand. Sometimes (as is the case with all handmade artisan food products), delays happen, so at the present time, I will say that the teas ship on or before the 20th of every month. 

We are working hard to improve the shipment time of the subscriptions so that they ship by the first day of the month - this is our goal. 

Any questions?  Please feel free to contact us!


Are the subscriptions on-going?

Yes, the subscriptions are on-going. This means that when you sign up for a subscription, you will continue to receive a box every month until you cancel the subscription. When you sign up for a subscription, it is done via PayPal and you are authorizing PayPal to continue to charge your account for the monthly/quarterly/annual subscription price until you cancel the subscription. 

If you wish to only purchase - say 6 months worth of subscription shipments - you would need to cancel after the payment for the 6th month has been processed - this is not something that will be done automatically.

To cancel: you can cancel either by visiting the PayPal website, logging on to your account and cancelling it, or you can contact us and ask us to cancel the subscription. 

How can I get updates on when the subscription will arrive?

We have created a subscription updates page so that anyone who wants to know the status of the subscriptions can visit the website and find out easily. Here is the link to that page:


The purpose of this page is to update subscribers about their boxes: when the boxes should ship and any other information they might need about their boxes. We used to have a email list to provide this information via email; unfortunately, with the many changes that occur with the list (subscription additions, cancellations, etc) it seemed to be a daunting task to keep the list current and we found that the page on the website was much easier to keep updated with information for those who wanted it. 


Why can't I include a subscription in my shopping cart and purchase individual teas when I purchase my subscription?

Unfortunately, the e-commerce service that we've chosen to use at this time doesn't offer subscription capabilities.  We hope that this doesn't present too much of an inconvenience to our customers and we think that the savings that will come with the subscription will make the extra steps worth the effort!

I'm a subscriber. I wish you'd postpone posting the first tea of the month until after everyone has received their subscription box so that subscribers have a chance to try before they buy more. 

We apologize in advance for any delays you might experience in receiving your subscription box.

One of the perks of subscribing versus purchasing teas directly from the website is that the subscription guarantees that you'll get to try every tea of the week. Sometimes a really popular blend might sell out quickly once it's been posted to the website. The perk to subscribing is that you will - guaranteed - receive a taster pouch of all the teas of the week. 

However, because we are reliant upon the USPS and in some cases international postal carriers to deliver our packages - we can't guarantee that you'll receive your box before the first week's tea of any given month is posted to the website. This is especially true of international and Canadian shipments, as these packages can take up to 10 - 14 days (and in some cases, even longer) to arrive. 

What are the benefits of subscribing versus buying one-off from you?

First of all, savings! Every box (starting January 1, 2017) will have five taster pouches (15g) which we normally price out at $4 each (and in the cases of more expensive bases like Oolong or White tea, $4.50 each) If you purchase all five of the teas of the month in one shipment, the cost would be $23 for US residents. The subscription cost is $18 per month. You save $5 per month with the subscription.

You also get the benefit of getting at least 1 taster pouch of each of the teas of the week without worry that the tea has sold out. The 'fifth' tea of every month will be a popular reblend and as a subscriber, you'll have the benefit of 'first dibs' on purchasing additional quantities of the reblend.