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Raspberry Beret Black Tea - Large


Raspberry Beret Black Tea - Large


Product Description

Tea of the Week for February 1, 2021!

Our Second Tribute Tea to Prince!

I've wanted to create a "Raspberry Beret" tea as a tribute to Prince for quite some time - actually, since his death in April, 2016. That year, I did create "When Doves Cry" (my favorite Prince song) - but I haven't crafted another Prince tribute tea - and it's about time I did. 

But I was not sure what I wanted to put into the Raspberry Beret tea. Of course, raspberries - but what else? I wanted something amazing for the amazing artist that inspired me in my teenage years. So I put the idea aside until I found the right flavor combination. 

Move on to a few months ago - when I was working on my upcoming tea menu - while also attempting to consider my inventory so that when I arrive in my studio, ready to work, I have the ingredients I need to create the tea I want to create. (This doesn't always work out - but I do try!) One tea that I've been thinking about creating for some time is one that utilizes the aroma notes of one of my favorite fragrances as the flavor profile for a tea. That fragrance: Pink Sugar. It has notes of raspberry, lemon, cotton candy & caramel. I thought those flavors would make a stunning tea, am I right? (As I sit here, sipping this tea, I can assure you that I am totally right!) 

But I didn't want to call the tea "Pink Sugar." Then - a lightbulb moment - all of the sudden - I'll call it Raspberry Beret! It's the perfect flavor profile for my tribute tea for Prince. 

This blend starts with Pettiagalla Black Tea - a single estate Ceylon black tea grown in the Dimbula area. I decided upon this particular Ceylon for this blend because it has a smooth, mellow flavor that is not too aggressive - yet brisk enough to not allow itself to hide behind the flavors I've chosen for this tea. Then I added a bit of cotton candy essence & caramel essence as well as raspberries & lemons. For my final touch, I added some vegan & gluten-free purple heart sprinkles because - Prince!

The tea has a bright raspberry flavor with lemon-y notes. The cotton candy notes are in the background - with a hint of caramel-y undertones. The black tea has a crisp, mild flavor. Really lovely, I'm quite happy with this tribute to the artist that created the soundtrack to my teenage years. Oh - and it's VEGAN, gluten-free & nut-free!

Also - there will be very limited quantities of this tea - so grab it while you can!

Large size is approximately 25g

ingredients: sprinkles (sugar, maltodextrin, rice bran oil, spirulina extract, color & glazing agent)

organic ingredients: black tea, raspberries, lemons & natural flavors


Oh! Wow! I am in love with this tea! It turned out exactly the way I wanted it to. It took a little tweaking, of course, but the final result - is delicious!

I don't know what else to say about this tea that I didn't say in the above description. The sip starts out with an immediate introduction of raspberry - with a hint of lemon that starts out very subtle but gradually increases as the palate continues to discover the sip. Next, I notice the crispness of the tea. It's slightly dry but offers a really even note of flavor - smooth & mellow. As the sip nears the finish, I can pick up on the cotton candy & caramel. The aftertaste is berry tingle & lemon-y bright. 


to brew: you'll want to make you give this tea a gentle shake to make sure some of the smaller raspberry bits make their way into your measurement - they may be small but they're worth the effort! use 3g of leaf & fruit to 12 ounces of near boiling water (205°F) & allow to steep for 2 1/2 to 3 minutes. I personally go with 3 minutes - but feel free to experiment with the steep time! allow tea to cool at least 10 minutes before you start sipping to give the tea time to develop the flavor.

I tried this with a little bit of sugar as well as without sweetener - the sprinkles, as they melt - will add a little bit of sweetness - but not very much because there really isn't a lot of sprinkles in this to make a big enough difference. I would recommend adding just a teensy bit of sugar to your cup if you want to enhance the cotton candy & caramel notes. If you'd rather focus on the lemon & raspberry, the sugar is not necessary.

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