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Subscription Updates

Subscription Updates!

Looking for this month's tea mail? Because we blend all of our unique teas by hand, delays do sometimes happen. This page has been created to keep our subscribers up to date about the progress of our subscription boxes so that you know when the boxes will ship!




July 19, 2018:  I am going to have to backtrack on my previous update, because Tuesday (July 17) proved to be a very busy day for me and that put me way behind. Most of the subscription boxes are out and on their way as of today, with the very last few going out in tomorrow's mail... sorry for the delay - but everyone should have their boxes by Tuesday of next week at the latest, barring any delays from the postal service. 


July 16, 2018:  Great News! Subscription boxes started shipping today! The first wave of boxes are being brought to the post office this afternoon (in just a few minutes!) and the second and final wave of boxes will be shipped tomorrow and Wednesday. As long as the post office does their thing in a timely manner, everyone should have their boxes by the end of this week! I hope you enjoy July's selection of teas!


July 13, 2018:  Hello! I'm sorry for the delay in updating here - I have been pretty busy working on the teas as well as trying to keep up with all the poll results that have been coming in (to vote for the 12 Teas of Christmas - have you voted yet? Check at the top of the screen and click on the 2018 Holiday Teas Poll!) 

Anyway, this month's subscription boxes are coming along and I'm hoping to start shipping on Monday, July 16 - with the rest of the boxes going out on Tuesday and Wednesday (July 17 and 18). Please watch your inbox for delivery details - and if you don't get one, please contact me and let me know so I can send you the tracking information. Sometimes my shipping program doesn't send out the delivery update - I'm not sure why this happens - but I'm happy to forward you the information whenever you need it!



June 21, 2018:  Hello Everyone! All subscriptions are in the mail as of yesterday (June 20) and are on their way to you! I hope you enjoy the sweet treat that I included as this year's Anniversary gift to my subscribers! THANK YOU for supporting 52Teas! We appreciate you so much!


June 13, 2018:  I've been busily packaging up teas over the past few days! I believe that I should have all the subscriptions in the mail by Monday, June 18! Watch your inboxes for your shipment emails!


June 11, 2018: Many apologies for not updating sooner! Things have been crazy around here & time has not been my friend. Nothing unusual, right? 

Anyway! Subscriber updates: I'm busily working on the teas, primarily packaging up the teas, but there are a couple that aren't quite up to muster so I am doing a little tweaking as well. I hope to get these out by the 15th, but I can't make a solid promise on that. BUT - one thing I can make a solid promise about: June is our anniversary month, and I've put together a seriously awesome gift for my subscribers this year! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


I'll be sure to update when I have a better idea of our shipment date!




May 21, 2018:  I apologize for not updating sooner. As I mentioned in the last update, my foot has presented me with a very big and painful obstacle and some days are better than others. I'm happy to now report that all the boxes are on their way to you - I hope you enjoy this month's tea selections! Next month's teas are well on their way, so I hope the wait won't be so long as it was this month! Again, I do apologize!


May 15, 2018: My foot problems have become a rather big obstacle for me and I'm moving about a lot slower than I had hoped I would. I went to the doctor and I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis which I have been told is a fairly common problem. I was given a prescription (which is working) and instructed to get arch support (ala Dr. Scholl's). These remedies are working for me, so please bear with me as I work through this and I will get your subscriptions out just as soon as I possibly can. The first wave of boxes should go out on Thursday (May 17) with the remaining ones going on on Friday (May 18).  


In the meantime, please enjoy a sale! Receive 15% off orders $20 or more - use the coupon code MaySale . . . or receive 25% off orders $35 or more - use coupon code MaySale25 . . . or receive 40% off orders $50 or more - use coupon code MaySale40 - and because you're subscribers, I will refund you the shipping charges on this order and ship them with your subscription package!


May 9, 2018: Unfortunately, I don't think that I will be able to keep to the 12th deadline. My sincerest of apologies! Several reasons for this: A family emergency has arisen; I've had to do a little work on one of the blends; and my foot is still bothering me quite a bit which slows me up quite a bit. I'm hurrying along as quickly as I can - and I do apologize! I am hoping to have the boxes out by Monday, May 14 or at the very latest, Tuesday, May 15. Thank you for your patience!

May 4, 2018: How quickly May has arrived! Time flies! I'm running behind but not quite as far behind as I was last month this time. I should have the boxes on their way no later than Saturday, May 12. 


April 13, 2018:  I'm sorry - I had meant to post an update yesterday but I got really busy and it slipped my mind. Over the last couple of days, we've begun to ship boxes, with some going out yesterday, some today, and more tomorrow. The last boxes will ship out on Monday. Most of you can expect your boxes to arrive by mid-week next week - possibly sooner depending upon USPS - with the rest receiving your boxes by the end of the week. Watch your inboxes for your email notification that includes your tracking # and if you don't receive one by Monday, please feel free to contact me!


April 9, 2018:  I needed to tweak a couple of the teas for April, so we have a slight delay to the April 11 ship date, but not by much. Also, I managed to injure my foot last week, so I'm moving around just a little slower than usual - which has also had an effect on my efficiency. Despite these delays, I should have the boxes in the mail by this Saturday, April 14 barring any other delays - I don't foresee any. 


March 29, 2018: So far, so good. I won't be getting the boxes out by the 1st of the month, but I'm well on track to get them out on the 11th of the month - which is a vast improvement over last month (don't worry, I don't plan on repeating that ever again!) Anyway, I don't foresee any delays right now. So far, everything is working out and tastes great - so let's keep our fingers crossed, shall we? (Thank you!)




March 15, 2018:  The pouches arrived! They actually arrived on Tuesday of this week (March 13) and I've been busily packaging up the teas and some of the teas have begun shipping yesterday with more going out this afternoon and tomorrow. I apologize for the delays this month - and also - I apologize for not updating you that the pouches weren't received on March 9 as I had expected! I thought I did - but I think that I must have hit the wrong button because it didn't post! Please excuse me, I'm not the most computer savvy individual! I think I'm much better with teas than I am computers! 


Anyway, we are getting these packages ready to ship just as quickly as we can. Last week's tea of the week posted to the blog but has not been added to the website yet because we want to at least get the boxes shipped before we start posting teas for this week. I will be posting this week's tea of the week later today.


March 7, 2018:  I drastically miscounted my packaging supplies and I am completely out of the pouches to package the teas. I ordered some more pouches and I expect the shipment to arrive this Friday. If the order arrives as expected, I will begin shipping on Saturday, March 10. If not, I will come back here to provide another update.

I sincerely apologize to all for this oversight - it was completely my fault - I thought I had more than enough to complete the teas for this month and that my order would be received in plenty of time to start preparations for April.  


March 2, 2018:  Right now, we're forecasting a shipment date of either March 8 (Thursday) or March 9 (Friday). If this changes, we will update this page. When the packages ship, we will update this page. (Thanks!)




February 16, 2018:  All subscriptions have been shipped. Everyone should have received email notifications which provide tracking numbers. If you haven't received your email, please contact us. The teas for the last two weeks have also been posted to the website - check them out here.


February 8, 2018:  All but one of the teas are complete. The final tea is in it's final stage of completion and should be ready this weekend - we will package it up this weekend and are very hopeful that the teas will ship on Monday, February 12. At the very latest, we should have them out by Wednesday, February 14.